Are you also wondering what to buy for this year's Black Friday, Christmas sale or even the January sale? Don't worry, we've rounded up our 15 most popular lamps for 2022 so you can get inspired for your next purchase.

Our list includes AndLight's top 15 lamps from brands like Flos, GUBI, Petite Friture, Nuura, &Tradition, New Works, Astep, Foscarini, ferm LIVING, MENU and many more.
Whether you're looking for a new table lamp, wall lamp for the living room or bedroom, a hanging lamp for the dining table, or anything else, we've made it easy for you to find just the right design for your home.

1. Fritz Hansen Kaiser Idell 6631 Luxus Table Lamp

With an elegant and timeless design, the Kaiser Idell lamp collection will never go out of style. Known for their original Bauhaus design and world-patented ball joints, the Kaiser Idell collection has a very special character.

"ORIGINAL KAISER-idell" is engraved on the iconic lamp top. All Kaiser-Idell lamps are made of steel and brass, while the shades are hand-painted in high-gloss or matt lacquer. All chrome parts on the lamp are made of hand-polished and silver-welded brass.

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2. Petite Friture VERTIGO

Created by the award-winning Constance Guisset, we have the world-renowned Vertigo lamp. The ceiling lamp was Petite Friture's first lamp creation back in 2009. 

The lamp is made of a light aluminum structure, which makes it easily affected by wind in the room. Mixed with the design of the lamp, where the placement of the light source which is in a small basket and the special shade makes the ceiling lamp cast a beautiful shadow that is almost alive. This makes the lamp have its own distinctive look and a place on our list. 

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3. Nuura Liila Wall/Ceiling Lamp

Liila is designed by Sofie Refer for Nuura, and works as a very elegant ceiling or wall lamp. No matter where you choose to place the lamp, it provides a calm and cozy light that creates a pleasant atmosphere.

The lamp consists of a metal back plate and the glass itself is mouth-blown. The combination gives a nice contrast between glass and metal, and gives the lamp a unique look. 

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4. GUBI Multi-Lite Pendant

Multi-Lite pendulum. A classic that gives a special expression to any room you choose to hang it in. With its rotating shades, you can choose to turn the light upwards, downwards or create an asymmetrical light, creating different atmospheres in the room. This also makes the pendant suitable for all kinds of homely spaces.

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5. &Tradition Flowerpot VP9 Table Lamp Portable

Flowerpot from &Tradition is one of the most popular lamps of the year, and with good reason. The lamp's portable function means it's not locked in one place, but can easily be moved to another room in the home, out on the patio or balcony. Flowerpot even has a dimmable function built in, allowing you to set the light to either 20%, 50% or 100% brightness.

All this, combined with the lamp's classic, retro stylish design and wide color range, makes it difficult to find a home it wouldn't look great in.

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6. New Works Tense Pendant

The Tense pendant lamp from New Works is a stunning addition to any home or office. The lamp gives a floating look with its round and elongated shape, as well as its slim appearance. So if you're looking for a pendant that has an elegant and classic design with comfortable and atmospheric light, Tense is a great choice.

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7. Muuto Fluid Pendant

Classon Koivisto Rune is the designer behind this beautiful and very sleek pendant. Due to its classic and simple design, the lamp is made for any home it hangs in. The lamp is crafted from mouth-blown glass and with its opal-white shade it emits a soft and pleasant light.

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8. Flos Arco K Limited Edition 2022

Arco K from Flos is the anniversary edition of the classic Arco floor lamp. The marble base has been replaced by a specially made base, made of the finest quality glass. The superior elegance and functionality of the lamp creates a piece of usable design art. The lamp is extremely exclusive, and only 2022 copies are made worldwide. Arco K is your opportunity to own an exclusive piece of design art.

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9. Astep Model 2065 Pendant

Number 9 on the list is the Model 2065 from Astep. Designed back in 1950 by the legend Gino Sarfatti. The pendant is made of plexiglass, which makes it almost weightless and gives off a nice subdued light with a pleasing spread of light. The lamp looks great above a dining table or in a reading corner.

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10. DCWéditions Lampe Gras N302 Ceiling Lamp Double

DCWéditions Lampe Gras N302 Double wall lamp is a double version of the highly popular N302 ceiling lamp. The lamp is adjustable in length, extremely flexible and robust. The ceiling lamp is intended for use above the dining table or kitchen table, but its interesting shape means that it can easily be used in other rooms of the home too.

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11. Foscarini Gregg Pendant

Gregg from Foscarini is a beautiful free-blown ceiling lamp. With its familiar shape, it manages to be both elegant and stylish. The Gregg series takes its inspiration from nature, and with its beautiful clean lines, it may remind you of a large stone where the surface is polished by water. It comes in three sizes, and is also available as a table, wall and even in an outdoor version.

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12. Secto Octo 4200 Pendant

Secto 4240 is the incredibly beautiful and sustainable Finnish designer lamp. Produced in Finnish birch veneer, the lamp is distinguished by its simplicity and organic shape. The pendant illuminates the home with comfortable and expressive light, shining through the slats of the lamp while providing a useful downward light. This combination makes the lamp ideal for use above the dining table.

The combination of a relatively young brand already producing lamps that can be considered classics makes them deserving of a place on our list.

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13. Flos Snoopy Table Lamp Orange Limited Edition

The Snoopy table lamp from Flos is a classic from 1967. The table lamp stands out with both its material and finish. The elegant table lamp has a white marble base and an enameled metallic top. With this combination, and with its gentle and pleasant light, Snoopy fits perfectly on a larger shelf, in the windowsill or on a desk.

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14. Ferm Living Vuelta Table Lamp

Vuelta from Ferm Living is the sleek table lamp that fits brilliantly on a shelf or desk with its pleasant, warm and soft light. The table lamp is also dimmable, so you can control the amount of light it emits.

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15. MENU Torso Table Lamp Portable

Torso from MENU, is a table lamp that combines raw ceramic and airy linen, which together create a truly stylish and beautiful design. The lamp provides a comfortable and diffused light from the linen shade. The elegant table lamp is equipped with a battery, which makes it easy to move around or take with you. It's perfect for the bedside table, or on a dresser in the living room. With its dimmable function, it's easy to adapt it to your surroundings.

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Bring some light into the winter darkness. Beautiful designer lamps are an excellent way to brighten the home without compromising your interior design. A direct light source like an elegant ceiling lamp, mixed with some indirect light from a beautiful floor lamp can work wonders in any home. Read AndLight's styling tips and get guidance on choosing the perfect lamp for your living room here.

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