Lampe Gras by DCWéditions

Lampe Gras lamps, initially designed in 1921 by Bernard-Albin Gras, have stood the test of time with their exceptional quality and avant-garde aesthetics, becoming true classics in lighting design. Recognized worldwide for their durability and timeless design, these lamps are part of the DCWéditions collection, demonstrating the brand's commitment to excellence across various models, including the Lampe Gras N203 and Lampe Gras N222. These pieces not only represent the height of lighting innovation but also maintain a revered status among design aficionados. The Lampe Gras collection offers a broad range of products, ensuring there is a lighting solution available for every taste and every home. Visit the DCWéditions collection to explore more outstanding designs.

Popular lamps from Lampe Gras

The Lampe Gras brand continues to impress with its innovative design strategy, regularly introducing new models such as the Lampe Gras N322 and N323 pendants, their first foray into pendant lighting. Popular models like the N205 table lamp, N207 table lamp, N302 ceiling lamp, and N304 wall lamp have become best-sellers, illustrating the brand's ability to stay relevant and desirable through constant reinvention and the introduction of new materials and colors. The brand's relentless pursuit of innovation has solidified its position in the marketplace as a leading producer of high-quality, timeless lighting solutions that cater to a wide array of customer preferences.

The greatest designers from Lampe Gras

In 1921, engineer Bernard-Albin Gras created the groundbreaking La Lampe Gras series for office and industrial use, setting a new precedent in lighting design. His work paved the way for other notable designers like Robert Dudley Best, who was inspired to create the famous Bestlite lamp. Lauded by influential figures such as the French architect Le Corbusier, Gras' designs have become highly sought after by collectors around the world, particularly in France, America, and Japan. Today, Lampe Gras continues to be celebrated for its visionary approach and dedication to producing designs that are both functional and aesthetically appealing, cementing its status as a collector's favorite.