Edgeform is dedicated to bringing ground-breaking fixtures in the form of Nordic designs. With a strong commitment to manufacturing fixtures that elevate lamps from functionality to works of art, Edgeform sets new standards in sophisticated lighting design.

Carefully designed in Denmark, each creation is a harmonious blend of thoughtful Danish design with meticulous attention to detail that redefines lighting. Whether enhancing residential interiors or elevating commercial spaces, Edgeform transforms atmospheres with a touch of elegance. Lamps are not just light sources; they are mood instruments that must adapt effortlessly to different surroundings, moods and architectural styles. Edgeform's collections range from sleek and modern to complement any aesthetic vision. Innovation is at the heart of Edgeform and they embrace the latest advances in LED technology to deliver the best lighting experience.

Immerse yourself in the world of Edgeform and discover a symphony of radiance and sophistication. Illuminate your life with the unmatched elegance of Edgeform design, where light meets artistry. Explore brilliance rediscovered with Edgeform.

The designers at Edgeform

Rune Krøjgaard is a Danish designer who studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture. With a remarkable talent for uniting functionality and aesthetics, Rune has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation. His creations seamlessly blend form and function and demonstrate a deep understanding of materials and craftsmanship.

Rune Krøjgaard's design philosophy revolves around bringing simplicity through form and dimension. His work often has clean lines, elegant proportions and a timeless quality. Regardless of whether it is furniture or lighting, Rune Krøjgaard's designs radiate a sense of elegance and quality, which can also be clearly seen in the products he has designed for Edgeform.


The Edgespot collection from Danish Edgeform is a quality spotlight collection that focuses on combining functionality and design. The beautiful series contains several different spot lamp solutions, which gives plenty of opportunity to explore this exciting series. The lamps offer high flexibility and quality, among other things Edgeform has made it easy to replace the lightbulb on this entire series so that you can easily upgrade and adapt the lamps.

The Edgespot series comes in several different versions and colors, and this interesting series is just one of Edgeform's beautiful lamps.

Edgeform's history

Edgeform is a Danish design company that combines Nordic design with high-quality materials and top-class design. Every product from Edgeform is designed in Denmark and combines Danish design with careful attention to detail. From residential interiors to commercial spaces, Edgeform will add elegance and quality. Their lamps adapt easily to various surroundings and architectural styles, due to the simple and stylish design.

Explore the world of Edgeform and experience a world of lighting and elegance where light becomes art. Give your home a brilliant makeover with Edgeform's lamps.

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