Astep is a recognised family business from Italy that is proud of its traditions. Since 1939 they've created innovative and ageless designer lamps for private homes. With Italian passion and the will to push boundaries, Astep creates fantastic and innovative collections time and time again. In collaboration with Flos, the company has created the collection Flos with Sarfatti that saludes their founder, Gino Sarfatti. In this collection you find the popular models Model 2065, 537 and 237/I. The collection is simple, stylish and fits perfectly in the minimalistic, Nordic home.

The company is run by the grandson Alessandro Sarfatti who has collaborated with some of the most skilled designers to create innovative lamps such as the models Nox and Candela. See the popular Nox lamp here or explore the innovative and sustainable lamp Candela here.

We have been looking forward to offering this iconic brand and we warmly welcome Astep here at Andlight!

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Tradition, design and sustainability are some of the core values at Astep. The respect for the long history is evident in the collections that recreate traditional design from names like Gino Sarfatti and Vittoriano Viganó in new materials and modern light solutions.
Ageless, minimalistic and typically Italian are words that desribe their universe well and the collections are made for the modern, Nordic home. With details in brass, marble and aluminium, Astep creates a stylish and welcoming atmosphere. Besides from shiny precious metals, Astep also lkes to use crazy colours and innovative solutions to create lamps in a new way. Owner Alessandro Sarfatti is determined to carry on his family's strong traditions and focuses on the values that drove his father and grandfather before him. At Astep you always get the highest quality, a design that will never go out of fashion and some of the most amusing and different lamps on the market - many of which were designed over 60 years ago. Go on an adventure on this page and we can guarantee that you will find something extra for your wishlist.

Astep's designers

Astep collaborates with many experienced and recognised designers to gather innovation and new ideas within a single brand. Astep sells their traditional designs, created by founder Gino Sarfatti but in recent times, they have worked with modern and functional lighting solutions. As an example, designer Francisco Gomez Paz has created the lantern Candela with built-in LED which is driven by the flame in the middle of the lamp. Furthermore, you can charge your phone with a USB port in the base. All without wires or batteries. Alfredo Häberli from Argentina has created the top model Nox which is a chargeable table lamp that uses the technology of wireless charging. The lamp can be removed from the base and transported around - and the battery lasts for up to 15 hours light.
Astep’s designers are all internationally recognised and between them they have won numerous awards for their work. Only absolute perfection is good enough for Astep and functionality takes prime place. Nice clean lines are combined with clever modern solutions in this Italian design.
Do check out the VV Cinquanta collection which is also a recreated colletion from Vittoriano Viganó who designed it back in the 1950s. Here you get ultimate elegance and functionality in neat brass details.

The story behind Astep and Arteluce

Astep has a long and rich story and even though the company has changed names over time, Alessandro Sarfatti maintains his family's traditions in all aspects. When Gino Sarfatti founded Arteluce in 1939, the mission was to bring design to lighting products for the first time. This brought him great success and in 1978, the son, Riccardo, took over. Working with architect Paolo Rizzatto, he brought the company in to the technological age. Riccardo's vision was to collaborate with the most skilled and specialised craftsmen of the industry to create true quality and secure future innovation. Riccardo’s son and the current owner, Alessandro Sarfatti, respects his father's vision and carries it on into the 21st century. Astep creates innovative and beautiful lamps that combine the new and the old in a timeless fusion. Furthermore, they set themselves apart through sustainability and close collaborations with their suppliers. Lately, Astep has collaborated with recognised brand Flos to re-create Gino Sarfatti's brilliant creations in the collection Flos with Sarfatti which you can find on this page.