Fritz Hansen lamps are the embodiment of neat design and high quality. Innovation is a very important part of Fritz Hansen's philosophy which is evident in their beautiful collection of designer lamps. Their greatest dedication is functional lighting to benefit the user. Fritz Hansen are particularly known for their pendant and with the aid of several designers, the selection has become big and varied. Fritz Hansen aims to challenge the way that we think about, develop, and perceive light. We are almost always surrounded by light, whether natural or from a lamp, which means that we demand proper light for the purpose of the lamps.

Fritz Hansen A/S bought the brand Lightyears in 2015 and has chosen to merge the collections from Lightyears and Fritz Hansen in 2019 so that they are called Fritz Hansen Lamps. See the entire assortment of lamps from Lightyears and Fritz Hansen below.

Popular lamps from Fritz Hansen

Fritz Hansen produces lamps of utmost quality and has managed to create a nice and varied assortment in the past few years. The most famous lamp from Fritz Hansen is easily Lightyears Caravaggio. The Caravaggio series is available as a pendant, table lamp, floor lamp, and wall light. The Caravaggio-lamp provides a calm light in the room due to its elegant and calm design. Furthermore, the Caravaggio-lamp also gives off a pleasant light that radiates downwards and upwards through a hole in the top of the shade.

Other popular lamps from Fritz Hansen are the lamp from the Kaiser Idell series, the Lightyears Orient Pendant, and the Lightyears Suspence Pendant.

Elegante Pendler fra Lightyears

Lightyears, Fritz Hansen and the designers

With the aid of a number of designers, Lightyears has built a solid and varied selection of lamps that offers everything from icons to new innovative lamps. There are designs ranging from Cecilie Manz and Bodil Kjær to the relaunch of the Orient which is a classic by Jo Hammerborg. Wherever the lamp is to be placed, the right lamp for exactly that spot can be found here.

Bodil Kjær from Denmark is known for her functional and aesthetic designs and has created the Crossplex lamps in collaboration with Lightyears. They are characterized by acrylic shades and give a fantastic light. The Crossplex lamp functions as the ideal lamp for the bookcase, windowsill, or desk.

Good quality and design are reflected in everything Cecilie Manz works with. This is especially clear in the Caravaggio series and more specifically in the Caravaggio-pendant. Cecilie Manz has managed to create a design that is innovative and original while also maintaining the classic features.

Frits Hansen Lamper - Designer Cecilie Manz

The story about Fritz Hansen and the purchase of Lightyears

In 2005 Lightyears was founded and they have been working at full speed from day one. Lightyears are fond of their Nordic roots and view light, functionality, and aesthetics as the three most important components of a complete lamp design.

Since 2005, Lightyears has worked in close collaboration with some of the best designers and architects and they have managed to design very sought-after lamps. This demand is not just present in Scandinavia but also in the rest of the world which means the Lightyears can now be found in over 60 countries. It is the functional, simple, and aesthetic design that makes Lightyears popular in so many places in the world.

The big demand, quality, and design were all important factors for Fritz Hansen when they acquired Lightyears in 2015.  Fritz Hansen is one of the most iconic design brands and has a long prestigious story. Therefore, the acquisition of the young and innovative design brand Lightyears was very interesting news when it was released in 2015.

Arne Jacobsen and Poul Kjærholm are amongst some of the big Danish design profiles that have collaborated with Fritz Hansen which has led to classics such as the Series 7 chair and the Egg. Cecilie Manz has also collaborated with Fritz Hansen and she is also the designer behind Lightyears popular lamp Caravaggio.

Lightyears and Fritz Hansen both value simple, quality, and timeless design as well as close collaboration with some of the best designers.

Logo Fritz Hansen - Designer lamper fra Fritz Hansen

Fritz Hansen