Fritz Hansen

Fritz Hansen stands as a hallmark of immaculate design and superior quality in the realm of lighting. The company values innovation as a core principle, a philosophy that is vividly reflected in their stunning selection of designer lamps. Their commitment is predominantly towards creating functional lighting solutions aimed at enriching the user’s experience. Fritz Hansen is notably renowned for their pendant lights, a range that has expanded to include a diverse collection thanks to the collaboration with various designers. Their ambition to redefine our understanding and development of light is rooted in the ubiquity of light, whether natural or artificial, underscoring the importance of precise lighting for specific purposes. This was further emphasized by Fritz Hansen's acquisition of the Lightyears brand in 2015, eventually integrating Lightyears’ designs into Fritz Hansen's catalogue in 2019 to unveil Fritz Hansen Lamps, a merged assortment of exquisite lighting solutions.

Popular lamps from Fritz Hansen

Fritz Hansen has successfully cultivated a reputation for crafting lamps of unparalleled quality, presenting a wide and varied assortment over recent years. Among their most celebrated creations is the Lightyears Caravaggio, a versatile design available in pendant, table, floor, and wall light variations. The Caravaggio series is praised for producing a tranquil ambiance through its elegant design, emitting a soft light both upwards and downwards. Other notable mentions include the Kaiser Idell series, the Lightyears Orient Pendant, and the Lightyears Suspence Pendant, all of which exemplify Fritz Hansen's dedication to quality and aesthetic appeal, further solidifying the brand's reputation in the design world.

Lightyears, Fritz Hansen and the designers

The collaboration between Fritz Hansen, Lightyears, and a selection of renowned designers has led to the creation of a rich and diverse catalog of lamps, ranging from classic icons to contemporary innovations. This includes the relaunch of timeless designs such as the Orient, alongside the introduction of new designs that cater to a variety of settings, whether it's for a bookcase, windowsill, or desk. Notable designers like Bodil Kjær and Cecilie Manz have made significant contributions, with Manz's Caravaggio series notably exemplifying the seamless fusion of innovative ideas with classic features. These collaborations underscore Fritz Hansen and Lightyears' shared commitment to quality, functionality, and aesthetic excellence in lamp design, a principle that has propelled the brand to international recognition.