Crème Atelier

Crème Atelier stands out in the home décor industry by focusing on the creation of unique and artistic lamps, which are a symbol of elegance and playful design. Founded on the shared passion for design and sustainability of its creators, the brand exemplifies the seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics. Each lamp produced by Crème Atelier is a testament to the brand's commitment to sustainability, crafted through environmentally conscious 3D printing techniques. This method not only enables the production of lamps with intricate, soft swirling shapes and a soufflé-like appearance but also ensures that each piece is made to order, reducing waste and avoiding the environmental drawbacks of mass production.

Soft serve

The Soft Serve Lamps by Crème Atelier are recognized both as artistic masterpieces and sustainable products, earning accolades like the German Design Award 2024 and the Scandinavian Design Awards 2023. These lamps draw inspiration from the lightness and texture of soft-serve ice cream, blending Scandinavian aesthetics with a focus on detail and sustainability. Beyond their warm, magical lighting, the Soft Serve Lamps are celebrated for their innovative design and production techniques, marking Crème Atelier as a pioneer in the sustainable design space, and making these lamps not just functional lighting solutions but also statements of artistic and eco-conscious values.


Behind Crème Atelier are Jacqueline Kessidis and Lucas Lind, whose mutual interest in design and sustainability fuel the brand's vision. Their journey began with a renovation project that evolved into the creation of Crème Atelier. Rooted in the belief that beauty and sustainability can coexist, their designs prove that environmental responsibility can go hand-in-hand with aesthetic appeal. By marrying their commitment to sustainable practices with their flair for design, Kessidis and Lind have crafted a collection that exemplifies modern, eco-friendly living, making Crème Atelier a beacon for those looking to infuse their spaces with light, art, and ecological consciousness.