Pedestal, a Danish interior brand established in 2021, emphasizes simple and functional accessories for television-related products. Adhering to the Scandinavian design tradition, Pedestal prioritizes quality, functionality, and simplicity in all their products. The company is committed to sustainability, focusing on minimizing its production footprint and ensuring that their products, especially made from durable steel, have a minimal environmental impact. This approach signifies their dedication to responsible production and the importance of high material standards for longevity.

Moon Rollin'

Moon Rollin' merges style with functionality through its elegant design and solid steel construction, ensuring both stability and durability for TV shades between 40" and 70" and up to 50 kg. With a playful design and a selection of colors including Pearl, Charcoal, Ultra Marine, and Chrome, Moon Rollin' offers a perfect blend of form and function to enhance home decor. Its premium materials and capacity to hold large TV shades underscore the brand's commitment to quality and design excellence, making it an ideal choice for those looking to elevate their home's aesthetics.

Environmental protection

Pedestal takes a holistic approach to sustainability, from designing space-efficient packaging to promoting environmentally friendly goods distribution. The company also encourages a healthy lifestyle among its employees, supporting eco-friendly commuting options like cycling. This comprehensive commitment to environmental protection extends to all business aspects, including product development and distribution, reflecting Pedestal's dedication to responsible practices and the well-being of both its customers and the planet.