Pedestal is a Danish interior brand that was established in 2021. The company creates simple and functional accessories for shades and similar electronic products within the television industry. Deeply rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, Pedestal's products reflect their commitment to quality, functionality and simplicity. Pedestal is on a sustainability journey and recognizes that responsible production requires constant, close supervision of development and optimization. They are constantly working to optimize their production footprint. The longer the products last, the smaller their environmental impact. Therefore, they have very high standards for material quality. The steel they use can last a lifetime.

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Moon Rollin'

Moon Rollin' is the perfect combination of style and functionality! With soft, curved lines and a playful design language, it adds a lightness and dynamism that stands out to your decor. These elegant curves create an exciting contrast to the solid steel construction, which gives the stand stability and durability. Moon Rollin' is created from premium materials, making it highly reliable and able to carry TV shades from 40" to 70" with a weight capacity of up to 50 kg. With color choices such as Pearl, Charcoal, Ultra Marine and Chrome, you can find the one that perfectly matches your style. Give your home an upgrade with Moon Rollin' and experience the perfect balance between form and function!

Environmental protection

With a holistic approach to sustainability, the company strives to make responsible choices. Their packaging is carefully designed to minimize wasted space and avoid sending unnecessary air around the world. The company is committed to making responsible decisions in all aspects of their business, including design and development processes as well as efficient and environmentally friendly distribution of goods from manufacturers to customers. As a modern company, they encourage their employees to lead a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. They support employees who choose the bicycle over the car and encourage conscious choices that benefit both the individual and the environment.

The story behind

Pedestal is a relatively new Danish design company that saw the light of day in 2021 with the launch of their Danish webshop. Their slogan is: "Don't hide your TV. Put it on a pedestal," and it reflects their unique approach to creating TV stands that are not only functional, but also designs that blend in with the decor of Scandinavian homes . They are dedicated to developing designs that follow current lifestyle and interior design trends, which means their aim is to offer a dynamic range of products that are created and shaped in accordance with the way we live and surround ourselves with shades in today's world.