Tom Rossau

Tom Rossau is renowned for his unique Danish designs, extensively using materials like plywood, plastic, and copper to create exquisite lamps. Operating both his showroom and production space on the iconic Frederiksberg Allé in Copenhagen, Rossau emphasizes on locally crafted, internationally acclaimed lighting solutions. His designs, ranging from pendants to table and floor lamps, are celebrated for their craftsmanship and ability to cast a warm, cozy light. Notable creations include the TR5 pendant, TR10 table lamp, and the TR7 pendant, each illustrating Rossau's keen attention to detail and dedication to fulfilling customer needs. Beginning his design journey in the early '90s, he established his lighting store in 2004, evolving into a respected name in the design world. With a flagship store that doubles as an office and workshop, Rossau's designs like the TR19 pendant and TR17 table lamp highlight both functional and aesthetic qualities, making them favorites worldwide among quality-conscious retailers. Through his work, Rossau has managed to not only construct durable and strong lamps using seemingly fragile materials like plywood but also ensure these designs enrich the ambiance of any space they illuminate.