Montana, a distinguished Danish furniture brand, has been enhancing homes for decades with its classic storage modules and furniture, distinguished by a unique approach to color. Founded by Peter Lassen, Montana has crafted a distinctive universe of 42 unique colors, underpinned by a philosophy emphasizing personal freedom and the creation of personalized spaces. This extensive palette allows for a nearly limitless combination of colors, enriching customers' homes with bespoke furniture and storage solutions that reflect their personal style and needs.

Popular products - Panton Wire

The Panton Wire series, designed by renowned Danish designer Verner Panton, stands out as one of Montana's flagship offerings. Characterized by its elegant, lightweight design crafted from steel wires, the series introduces flexibility and style into home decor. Panton Wire's modular nature, enhanced by additional elements like top plates, allows for versatile furnishings across the home, from bedside tables to coffee tables, showcasing Montana's commitment to functional, adaptable design.

42 Montana colors

Montana's expansive color range, collaboratively developed with Danish color expert Margrete Odgaard, is central to its identity. Offering more than 42 unique colors, Montana places great emphasis on the emotional and atmospheric impact of colors in home decor. This dedication to color innovation is evident in their periodic release of new color palettes every 8 years, ensuring that Montana's products remain at the forefront of design trends while offering personalized options for creatives and homeowners alike.