FDB Møbler

Since its inception in the early 1940s, FDB Møbler has been a beacon of Danish furniture design, offering the world timeless, elegant, and functional furnishings. With a commitment to quality and design at affordable prices, the brand became iconic through the efforts of young designers like Børge Mogensen. Their creations are built to withstand daily challenges, ensuring longevity across generations and seamlessly integrating into various interior designs to enhance atmospheres with their timeless elegance.

J46 the dining chair

The J46 dining chair, crafted by Poul M. Volther in 1956, stands as a testament to FDB Møbler's legacy of design excellence, embodying classic elegance and becoming one of the brand's most iconic pieces. Notably celebrated for its light, airy expression and remarkable seating comfort, the J46 chair enhances the dining experience in any setting. Available in oak or beech wood sourced from FSC-certified European forests, this chair offers versatility not only in material but also in color options, allowing for a personalized touch in home decor while maintaining its iconic status and success through years.

Børge Mogensen

Børge Mogensen's profound influence on Danish furniture design is commemorated through his timeless designs, characterized by simplicity, functionality, and durability. As a pivotal figure in FDB Møbler's history, his work in the 1940s and 50s significantly contributed to setting the standards for Danish furniture design. His dedication to creating furniture that met the everyday needs of people while emphasizing ease of use left an indelible mark on the design world, making his legacy an enduring source of inspiration and admiration in contemporary furniture design.