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Since the early 1940s, FDB Møbler as a company has enriched Denmark and the rest of the world with beautiful and elegant furniture. The aim was to create functional furniture at attractive prices without compromising on quality and design. It was young furniture designers such as Børge Mogensen who helped push the development of this very thing. Furniture from FDB Møbler is designed to cope with everyday hardships and live on through generations. Timeless and elegant furniture that helps to decorate and create a good atmosphere in all types of interior design.

J46 The dining chair

The J46 dining table chair is a classic and elegant chair, designed by the renowned furniture designer, Poul M. Volther, back in 1956. A design which has since become an iconic design and one of FDB Møbler's greatest successes. With its light and airy expression , it fits perfectly into any dining room or kitchen, and its high seating comfort helps make every meal a pleasant experience. The J46 chairs are either made of oak or beech wood. The wood used is FSC-certified from European forests. The J46 chair is also available in several different colours, which gives you ample opportunity to find just the chair that fits in with your personal decor.

Verner Panton Wire

Børge Mogensen

Børge Mogensen was one of the most significant and influential representatives of Danish furniture design. He was born in 1914 and died in 1972, leaving behind a legacy of timeless design that is still loved and used by many today. Børge Mogensen was a skilled craftsman and his designs were known for their simplicity, functionality and durability. He was also one of the leading forces behind FDB Møbler, which set the standard for Danish furniture design in the 1940s and 50s. Børge Mogensen was known for his focus on ease of use and for creating furniture that suited people's everyday lives and needs.

Fredericia Furniture Furniture - Designer Børge Mogensen

The story behind

1942 was the year FDB Møbler was established as a furniture design studio under FDB's Arkitektkontor. It was the 28-year-old twelve-year-old Børge Mogensen who was at the forefront of this. In 1945, the first furniture came on the market under the brand name, FDB Møbler. In 1950, Børge Mogensen left the post as head of FDM's furniture office, leaving behind an organization that would leave a decisive mark on Danish furniture culture. Today, it is Coop that has the rights to some of the older designs, and they were relaunched together with new furniture series under the name FDB Møbler in 2013.

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FDB Møbler