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The story of Fatboy dates back to 2002. It all started with the iconic beanbag called The Original. A beanbag that has since become a sand classic in Fatboy's range. Fatboy is known for their colorful and fun designs, which have become known worldwide. Designs created to be used and stand the test of time. That's why Fatboy's products are made from materials with a large wear resistance, which are waterproof and do not fade in the strong light of the sun. A range that includes both indoor and outdoor furniture. Check out the colorful and fun assortment from Fatboy here at Andlight.

The Headdemock Hammock

Fatboy's has a wide range of exciting and whimsical products that can sweeten your life in the heat of the sun. Here it could be the popular series of hammocks, Headdemock. Headdemock is a series of large hammocks for outdoor use. Hammocks where you no longer have to depend on ropes and a tree. The hammocks come with their own stand, which gives you the opportunity to place the hammock exactly where you want it in the garden. The series is available in several different colours, giving you the chance to find exactly the one that fits in with your decor.

Verner Panton Wire

Designs and materials

Fatboy's many products will only do one thing, grow old and have a long life with you. The products are made from materials of the highest quality, which can cope with everyday wear and tear, but also outdoor life with rain and debris. Therefore, Fatboy has chosen materials for their products that are incredibly durable, water-repellent and waterproof, and can withstand the strong rays of the sun. Most of the products are made from recycled materials as far as possible, and which have the least possible impact on our environment.

Fredericia Furniture Furniture - Designer Børge Mogensen

Design since 2010

The whole story started back in 1998. In 1998, Finnish designer Jukka Sætälä had a very special idea to make a bean bag chair that was different and somewhat unique compared to other bean bag chairs on the market. The unique bean bag was named Fatboy, named after the musician Fatboy Slim. In 2003, the Dutchman, Alex Bergman, saw an opportunity in the Finnish bean bags, and therefore bought exclusive sales rights to produce and sell them. The bean bag remains the most popular product from Fatboy, but other iconic designs have joined the colorful range.

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