Fatboy, established in 2002, is renowned for its colorful and durable designs, starting with the iconic beanbag, The Original. Prioritizing materials that are wear-resistant, waterproof, and fade-proof, Fatboy's range includes both indoor and outdoor furniture meant to withstand the test of time. Among their popular products is the Headdemock Hammock, a standout piece that doesn't rely on ropes or trees, and comes with its own stand, offering versatility for outdoor relaxation. Created from materials of the highest quality, Fatboy's products, including many made from recycled materials, aim for longevity and minimal environmental impact. The journey of Fatboy began with Finnish designer Jukka Sætälä in 1998, culminating in a unique bean bag chair that caught the attention of Dutchman Alex Bergman in 2003, who then acquired exclusive rights to produce and sell the design. This collaboration propelled the beanbag, named after Fatboy Slim, to become Fatboy's most iconic product, alongside other significant designs that have joined their vibrant assortment. Explore Fatboy's colorful and fun assortment at Andlight for a closer look at their exceptional range.