NEW WORKS, renowned for the iconic Hang on Honey lamp, epitomizes innovation in Danish lighting design with its potential to become a classic. Beyond this, the brand offers a diverse collection of lighting solutions, such as the exquisite Material lamp series, highlighting their commitment to varied materials and unique designs. Recent additions include the elegant Juliet and Laterne pendants, showcasing NEW WORKS' continuous evolution. Behind these groundbreaking designs is Niels Bak Rasmussen, a former architect and founder of OiOi, whose achievements underscore NEW WORKS' distinctive aesthetic, which leans heavily on natural materials like marble, copper, and wood, infusing life and originality into every piece. Established in 2011, NEW WORKS has made a significant mark on the industry by focusing on attention-grabbing products that blend seamlessly into both kitchens and living rooms, ensuring that each creation, from the Material pendant to the Karl-Johan table lamp, contributes to the brand's narrative of fresh and alternative design perspectives.