Plants, herbs and flowers are a great way to create a good atmosphere both indoors and outdoors. Decorating with plants can help make the home a wonderful place to relax. The first step to getting more plants into the home is to find the right planters.

We offer a wide selection of plant boxes and planter pots for indoor and outdoor use, available in a multitude of designs and materials. Whether you want to grow herbs, flowers or vegetables, you can find a product that meets your needs. Brighten up your garden or your home with new accessories from AndLight.

Create a greener home

With the right planters, you can get something green into your home, garden, patio or balcony. You can gather plants in a plant box for a sumptuous expression or choose several different planters and let the green plants and flowers adorn the entire home.

Whether you live large or small, have a garden, balcony or just a window sill, planters can help create a greener home and promote well-being and relaxation. Explore our selection of planters and plant boxes for your home and find inspiration for your decor.

Inspiration for the decor

Several of our planters and plant boxes are perfect for adding a decorative touch to your main entrance or as part of an outdoor area. They can also be used to decorate indoors and become part of the decor along with furniture, lamps and other decorative items.

For example, use beautiful planters as decorations in window sills and on shelves. Or choose a planter for the kitchen and have the herbs at hand. Choose a design in a fresh color to break with decor, or choose muted colors that play with the other tones in the home.

Add more planters at home

By adding more plant boxes and planter pots to your decor, you can help brighten up your space with flowers, herbs, vegetables and healthy plants. Planters and plant boxes are a functional way to decorate your home with edible or decorative plants.

Don't have green fingers? Do not worry. Planters can also be a nice stylish element in your decor. Use them as a decorative addition, fill them with artificial plants or store other small items in them.