Since its foundation in 1997 by John Fearon and James Bassant, Astro has established itself as a leading English lamp manufacturer, particularly known for its high-quality, elegantly designed ceiling and wall lights, including notable success in bathroom lighting. Emphasizing quality and innovation, Astro offers a range of competitively priced yet stylish lamps, like the elegant Astro Altona Spotlight and the Park Lane Grande wall light, both exemplifying the brand's commitment to exceeding customer expectations in design and functionality. Another recommended option for corridor lighting is the Astro Manerbio wall light, with its classy walnut design. Under the belief that design and price can coexist harmoniously, designer James Bassant has contributed significantly to Astro's array of functional, well-designed, and reasonably priced bathroom lamps, including the popular Frascati Square Spotlight. With its roots firmly entrenched in quality and innovative design, Astro has reached international acclaim, now present in over 30 countries and even acknowledged by the Queen of England for its global success.