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The proud French brand of Petite Friture is based on the everyday life at the ability to meet each other through design. “bringing out the beauty of good” is their mantra and the foundation for their optimistic and free spirit design philosophy which the brand stands for. From colourful dining chairs to grand constructions made from brass, Petite Friture moves freely without a predetermined design focus. Yet, some of their designer lamps are more low-key and subtle in their design. This allows for their lamps and lighting to shine through and make an impression in every room, without coming across as being too much.  

Visit Petite Friture's website at www.petitefriture.com

The world-renowned Vertigo lamp

The most famous lamp from Petite Friture is without a doubt the Vertigo lamp, designed by Constance Guisset. Its light design took the world by storm, once it was released. The simple and yet charming shape of the design claimed the audience award at Villa Noielles in France 2006. Since it has taken the world by storm and is not acknowledged as one of the most beautiful French designs ever made. With this model, you will receive a grand yet light and elegant pendant that can be used for a number of occasions. Its bulb is hidden under a small basket of strings while the screen provides an impressing play of shadows. 

The Mediterrania-series from Petite Friture

The Mediterrania-series is yet another masterpiece by fra Petite Friture. The lamp series reflects a hanging piece of linen and a pole. This means that its linear pendant shape has a cloth-looking screen that is made from metal giving it a truly unique look. The series also includes pendant, table lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps which makes it perfect to combine for a complete expression in every home. The lamp is found in black, white or brass with its perforated screen providing a unique reflection of light. 

The team behind Petite Friture 

Petite Friture consists of a team with both French and international designers that constantly work to create new sculptural designs. Since the Vertigo-lamp, a number of beautiful and brilliant designs have been made with timeless and simple lamp designs which makes it easy to implement Petite Friture into any home. 

Read more about Petite Friture and their universe here here.


Petite Friture