Valerie Objects

Valerie Objects, a prestigious Belgian design brand launched by Axel Van Den Bossche of Serax and Veerle Wenes of Valerie Traan gallery, is known for transforming designers' and artists' unique styles into tangible, everyday objects. This brand merges the artistic visions of creators with the consumers' desire for meaningful, patiently selected items. Among its notable collaborations is the elegant Hanging, Ceiling, and Standing lamp collection by the Belgian design duo Fien Muller and Hannes van Severen. Known collectively as Muller Van Severen since their partnership began in 2011, their designs straddle the line between design and art, making a colorful yet sober addition to both private and public spaces. Their work, which includes a diverse range of furniture and lighting solutions, elegantly encapsulates Valerie Objects' mission to deposit artistic meaning into functional items.