The Dutch brand Moooi was created back in 2001 by the duo Marcel Wanders & Casper Vissers. Their vision was to create a legendary brand, something that one must think they have achieved with their many attractive and unique products that have become world-renowned over the years. Moooi challenges and inspires with their innovative take on design. Dive into their exciting universe of design that surprises and captivates you with every new look.

In collaboration with a large number of skilled designers, world-renowned as well as new talents, Moooi has realized their dream of creating a legendary brand that offers unexpected, extraordinary and extravagant collections. Moooi's collection of furniture, lighting and accessories sets the defining mark on the home, and their extravagant products will undoubtedly help to add personality, creativity and a very special unique expression.

Extravagant design from Moooi

Moooi often surprises with their collections. Their products are often in rebellion against the norm and will be an original design rarely seen before. An example of this is the interesting and rather special "Pig Table". As the name suggests, it is a coffee table made of polyester and ABS, shaped like a small pig balancing a small tray on its back. Another example of Moooi's interesting and experimental designs is the "Chess table". Intended to be used as a normal side table, the pattern on the table is divided into black and white checkers, so that it is also possible to play a game of chess without having to find the chessboard.

Verner Panton Wire

Luca Nichetto, Jaime Hayon & Bertjan Pot

Are just some of the iconic designers that Moooi works with. Throughout Moooi's over 20 years in the industry, they have worked with a wide range of renowned designers who have designed several of their current impressive pieces of furniture and lamps. The relationship between Moooi and their designers is one of the elements that has helped make Moooi what they are today. There, extravagant designs and products are created in collaboration between Moooi and the designers. Instead of deciding and telling them what to design, Moooi listens to their designers to arrive at the unique and special products.

Moooi Furniture and lamps - Designers Peter and Joakim Lassen

The story of Moooi

Moooi's History started back in 2001 when Marcel Wanders & Casper Vissers teamed up to create a legendary brand. By listening to their designers and their ideas, rather than telling them what to do, Moooi stands today as a strong world-renowned furniture house with a large range of iconic products. The name behind the Dutch brand has its own meaning, which also gives an insight into Moooi's unique way of thinking. Mooi is Dutch for beautiful, but when Marcel Wanders & Casper Vissers created Moooi, this was not enough. The third and final o, was added to symbolize the extra unique beauty of their products.

Logo Moooi - Designer furniture and lamps from Moooi