The Dutch brand Moooi, established in 2001 by Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers, aspired to be legendary, a goal they seem to have achieved with their distinguished and innovative products known worldwide. Moooi represents a daring and inspiration-driven approach to design, collaborating with a mix of famous and emerging designers to create collections that are unexpected, extraordinary, and extravagant. Their offering includes furniture, lighting, and accessories that significantly impact home aesthetics, pushing boundaries to inject personality, creativity, and unique expressions into every space.

Extravagant design from Moooi

Moooi's design philosophy often leads to surprising collections that challenge conventional norms, offering originality and a unique flair in products such as the "Pig Table" and the "Chess table". These pieces exemplify Moooi's experimental and interesting design approach. The Pig Table, made from polyester and ABS, imaginatively takes the form of a pig holding a tray, while the Chess Table combines functionality with play by incorporating a chessboard pattern into its design, showcasing Moooi's dedication to blending aesthetic appeal with unexpected functionality.

Luca Nichetto, Jaime Hayon & Bertjan Pot

Over its two decades, Moooi has collaborated with iconic designers, including Luca Nichetto, Jaime Hayon, and Bertjan Pot, contributing to its impressive range of furniture and lighting. This partnership-centric approach, valuing designers' creativity and visions, has been pivotal in establishing Moooi's reputation. By fostering a collaborative atmosphere where designers are encouraged to share their innovative ideas freely, Moooi has curated a collection of extraordinary and extravagant designs that continue to define and elevate spaces worldwide.