For over sixty years, spanning three generations, the family-owned Wendelbo has been a beacon of Scandinavian elegance in design, focusing intensely on upholstered furniture where design meets functionality and unparalleled quality. Their inspiration stems from Scandinavian design principles, fused with the unmatched skill of Danish craftsmanship, aiming to create timeless pieces to be passed down through generations. Their portfolio boasts a diverse range of furniture that seamlessly blends into various decor styles, from professional spaces to private homes. Highlighting their collaboration with renowned designers, the Mango chair, designed by Note Design Studio, exemplifies Wendelbo's commitment to quality and innovative design, featuring a unique upholstery reminiscent of a mango's squared pattern, supported by a sleek powder-coated frame. Similarly, Nichetto Studio's industrial and artisanal design influence is evident in Wendelbo's Floema table series, showcasing a blend of cultural references and meticulous detailing. Located in Aarhus, Wendelbo's journey from a modest workshop to a hallmark of international design underlines their dedication to excellence in furniture design.