Italian Luceplan designs prestigious designer lamps in demand from all around the globe. An important element in the Luceplan production is the goal of improving life quality. Energy-efficient lamps are therefore a top priority, and the entire production process is thoroughly thought through with the environment in mind. To Luceplan it is important that their lamps are aesthetically beautiful, just like they are technologically in front, and made in the highest possible quality. A Luceplan lamp is a must-have in the modern home with an unfailing sense of style.

Popular lamps from Luceplan

The Luceplan Hope pendant D66/12 and Luceplan Hope pedant D66/18 is just two of Luceplan’s very popular lamps. The philosophy behind the lamps is based on creating a modern crystal chandelier that through its many lenses, brings out an incredible reflection towards the room. If you’re in need of a floor or table lamp, then take a look at the fabulous Luceplan Lady Constanza floor lamp or the variable architect lamp, Fortebraccio table lamp. The Fortebraccio lamp is also available as a wall lamp.

The Greatest Designer behind Luceplan

The greatest success of Luceplan is the Constanza series. The Constanza series is designed and developed by Paolo Rizzatto. He works as an architect in his own studio in Milan, where he lives as well. His specialty is lighting, decoration, and lighting design, and has created some of the most famous Italian lamps. He has made a huge impact on lighting design and has worked for numerous lighting brands such as Arteluce, Artemide, Alias, Cassina, Danese, Kartell, Knoll, etc. Remember to notice and enjoy all the details of your Luceplan lamp.

The Story behind Luceplan

Luceplan was founded in 1978. It started as a co-lab between three known designers Riccardo Sarfatti, Paolo Rizzatto, and Sandra Severi. They all wanted to unify the experience they all got from working for the lighting legend, Gino Sarfatti, the founder of Arteluce. Luceplan is built on the philosophy about experimenting, being innovative, and focusing on the quality. These three factors should create beautiful lamps available for the general public. The three founders of Luceplan are driven by their passion for design, and the courage it takes to be an entrepreneur, which has led Luceplan into becoming an internationally known and acknowledged lighting brand.