Terms and Conditions

To make sure that your shopping experience proceeds nice and safely, we’ve made an overview of our terms and conditions. Browse through the different headlines and get all the information you need. The purpose is to give you outline of what to expect when shopping at AndLight.com. If you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to contact us at +45 44 44 62 44 or info@AndLight.com


Company: AndLight (AndLight Aps)
Organizational form: Private limited company
VAT-no. DK32 56 27 44
Address: Tømmergravsgade 4B, 2450 Copenhagen SV
E-mail: info@AndLight.com
Phone: +45 44 44 62 44

Shopping online

You can purchase our lamps on our website, by e-mail (info@AndLight.com), or you can call us on +45 44 44 62 44.
When you place an order through our website, there’s always free shipping. If you’re around Copenhagen you can also place an order online, and then pay and pick it up yourself at our warehouse at Tømmergravsgade 4B, 2450 Copenhagen SV. That’s completely up to you.
If you have any questions regarding lamps not found on the website, just contact us on + 45 44 44 62 44 or send us an e-mail at info@AndLight.com, and we’ll see what we can do.
All prices include VAT and taxes. The prices are at the current price.
When shopping at AndLight, agreements are signed in the following language:

  • English

It is not possible to see earlier orders by signing in at AndLight. If you wish to receive a copy of your order confirmation or invoice, send an e-mail to info@AndLight.com.
You need to be 18 years or older to shop at AndLight.com – are you under the age of 18, you need consent from your parents. An order can always be cancelled by a parent, if it appears that it has been placed by someone under the age of 18.


Online you can pay with following methods:

  • VISA (no payment fees)
  • MasterCard, Visa Electron (0,00 DKK + 1,25%)
  • Maestro,  JCB  (0,00 DKK + 3,75 %)
  • Payment through bank transfer (no payment fees)
  • In our showroom/warehouse we accept VISA/Dankort (no payment fees).

There are added fees when paying with a credit card. The fees are informed in the brackets. These fees are not added by AndLight, but by the companies behind the credit cards.
We will not withdraw the amount of your order from your account until the items are being sent. There can never be withdrawn a larger amount than the amount you have approved when purchasing.


Vi modtager alle disse betalingsmetoder

Dispatch and delivery

As a starting point, your order will be shipped when all items are in stock. If you would like us to ship the items in stock, please contact our customer service at info@AndLight.com or +45 44 44 62 44.

To ensure the fastest possible delivery, we ship with UPS.

Delivery of products of a certain size will be delivered at the curb. This information will appear when you select your desired delivery method. All shipments with DSV will be delivered at the curb.

At AndLight you are able to see the estimated time of delivery on every product. We do this so our customers have the opportunity to consider the timescale. Maybe you need the lamp as a present, whatever it is – we get it. If you order a product we have in stock, the delivery time will only be 1-3 days. Products not in stock have varying delivery as we have many different manufactures. The estimated time will still be shown on the product. Shortly after you’ve placed an order, you will receive a Track & Trace number, so you can follow your package from our warehouse to your home. AndLight reserves one’s position to items no longer in stock or items on reorder. AndLight does not take responsibility for delays or expenses due to delays.  

Unless otherwise agreed, the goods are dispatched at DAP Incoterms 2010 terms.

Receipt of parcel

We kindly ask you to check the packaging for potential damage before signing, when you receive a package from AndLight. If there seem to be damage on the package, make sure you note the consignment note “Damaged package” or “Received with reservations”. After this, receive the package and save the receipt. If your luck runs out, and there’s not only damage on the package, but the product, too, is damaged, contact AndLight right away and inform us about it. Have your order number ready and remember to save all the wrapping/package for damage documentation. Notification of damage has to be reported within 24 hours of reception in order to make sure the carrier does not reject the case.
Contact us by calling +45 44 44 62 44 or at info@AndLight.com.
It should be noted that if the customer gives permission for the delivery company to place the package in case the customer is not home when delivered, matter of dispute regarding the time of damage to the package can occur. We recommend you only choose this option, if it is absolutely necessary or if the ordered lamp is not brittle or fragile designated lamps made of glass or porcelain. I these cases, the product may not be compensated.

Faulty products

In any case of delivery of the wrong lamp or delivery of faulty lamps, AndLight will cover carriage costs. Has another lamp (then the one you ordered) been delivered or does the lamp not work, contact us, and we’ll send you a return label and you can send back the lamp. Hereafter we will, as a matter of course, send a new lamp as fast as possible when we’ve received the faulty lamp.
Please leave a copy of your order confirmation in the returned package as this helps our returns department and makes the process faster.

14 dages fuld returret

Returns and right to cancel

§ 6.1 Should you regret your purchase, an unequivocal notice must be sent no later than 365 days after delivery. The item must be returned within 365 days after notification of cancellation. We will then refund your payment. We inform that in case of cancellation, you pay for the return shipping yourself.

You must notify us within 365 days of delivery that you wish to cancel your purchase. The notice must be given at info@andlight.com or by using the standard cancellation form. In your message, you must make it clear to us that you wish to exercise your right to cancel.

You can not regret by simply refusing to receive the item, without at the same time giving us clear notice of this.


§ 6.2 You must send your order back to us without undue delay, and no later than 365 days after you have notified us that you wish to cancel your purchase. You must bear the direct costs in connection with the return of the item. You have the risk of the item from the time of delivery.

This means that the original packaging should always be returned in a condition that makes resale possible, as the packaging contains useful information about the product's use as well as measurements/values that are necessary information for our other customers. As no new packaging can be obtained for the products, the packaging has significant value for the product and must therefore be returned in undamaged condition. It is therefore important that no tape or other stickers are placed directly on the original packaging, nor written directly on the original packaging. It must therefore be emphasized that opening, destruction or return delivery, in non-original packaging, has significance on the question of whether the product has loss of value.

Please note: Certain items cannot be returned by normal post. This applies to large and/or fragile products. Please return your goods via the same shipping method as they were delivered to you. If you have received your product on a pallet, please also return the items to AndLight on a pallet. The costs of returning these goods are expected to cost a maximum of 750 EUR. 

The condition of the item when you send it back

§ 6.3 You are only liable for any deterioration in the value of the product, which is due to other handling than what is necessary to determine the product's nature, properties and the way it works. In other words - you can try the item in the same way as if you tried it in a physical store. If the item has been tried in addition to what is described above, we consider it used, which means that upon cancellation of the purchase, you will only receive part or none of the purchase amount back, depending on the item's commercial value. In order to receive the entire purchase amount back, you must therefore do the same as you can in a physical store. You may try the product, but not take it into actual use. Fixed mounting of a lamp is considered as actual use.

Refund of the purchase amount

§ 6.4 If you regret your purchase, you will be refunded the amount you have paid to us. In the event of an impairment for which you are liable, this purchase amount will be deducted.

If you exercise your right of cancellation, we will refund all payments received from you, in any event within 14 days from the date on which we received notice of your decision to cancel this agreement. We will make such a refund using the same means of payment that you used for the original transaction.

We can withhold the refund until we have received the item back, unless you have previously provided documentation that you have returned it.

If you regret the purchase, the item must be sent to:

TC Logistics
Priorparken 853-855
2605 Brøndby, DK

You can also cancel the purchase by giving clear notice and by prior arrangement handing it in at the address above.

If you want to cancel your purchase after the product has been dispatched by pallet shipping and refuse receipt of this pallet, we reserve the right to refund 100 EUR less than the return amount, to cover already incurred shipping costs. 

§ 6.5 We do not receive packages without delivery or packages sent per. cash on delivery.

§ 6.6 For purchases made by companies or public institutions, returning products for up to EUR 1 000,00 is possible. No refund is granted if the sum for the returned products exceeds EUR 1 000,00,-

§ 6.7 Partial return  
If you, as a private customer, have received a special offer including more than one product from AndLight, you have the option to partially return your order, but upon return, your entire discount will be forfeited.  
If you have obtained a bulk discount and subsequently cancel a part of the purchase and no longer meet the condition for obtaining the bulk discount, you will no longer be entitled to the value of the discount.  


Claims and guarantee

When shopping at AndLight you automatically get 24 months of full guarantee. This means that you can either have the product repaired, exchanged, get your money back, or get a price reduction conditional on the specific situation. These terms are determined by a legitimate claim, in cases which the product has not been misuse, misapplication or other wrongful act.

You need to complain shortly after the notice of fault. A complaint made within two months of notice, the claim will always be timely.

We will reimburse reasonable shipping costs that you may have in connection with the return of the item when the complaint is justified. Claimed products are sent to:

c/o TC Logistics
Priorparken 853-855
2605 Broendby

When returning the product, please note the issue. 

Note! We do not receive packages sent Collect on Delivery (COD).

Remember to always send the package in securely packaging and get a receipt of dispatch so we can refund your carriage costs.

You will always receive and e-mail, when we’ve received your withdrawn or claimed products. In the e-mail you’ll receive information about the following process in relation to further claim procedures. 

​E-Commerce Trustmark

We are certified the E-Commerce trustmark. AndLight.com fulfils the quality criteria E-commerce has put forward.
  •  FREE delivery
  •  Buyer protection
  •  Data protection
  •  24 months of full guarantee
  •  Secure payment with SSL encryption
  •  Customer service
E-Commerce is a trusted, European cross-border E-commerce protection for consumers. We are represented by e-commerce by following one European set of rules and by making sure there is clear communication of these rules.
  •  We are one of 25,000 online shops represented
  •  We are one of 10,000 online shops with national trustmark (E-mærket in Denmark)
  •  E-commerce is developed in dialogue with consumer organizations – representing consumer like yourself
  •  E-commerce offers complaints handling service
Benefits for consumers:
-  Shop Safely
-  Hassle-free
-  Constant checks

Put simply: The E-commerce Europe Trustmark protects you when shopping online in another EU country, and a complaint arises.
Report a complaint: https://www.ecommercetrustmark.eu/for-consumers/
AndLight har e-mærket

Your security

AndLight is certified by Trustpilot.
This gives you, as a customer, the highest security of safe service at DesigLighting. This regards technical aspects such as encryption of payment data and use of personal information, but also regards business and commercial aspects to secure your right of return and cancellation, claims, etc.

Online payment:
We offer a range of different payment methods: VISA, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro, JCB, American Express or bank transfer. In our showroom/warehouse we accept VISA/Dankort. We will not withdraw the amount of your order from your account until the items are being sent. There can never be withdrawn a larger amount than the amount you have approved when purchasing.
When shopping at AndLight you can safely use your payment card as we use an encrypted SSL-connection to secure no one is “watching” when you fill out your payment information or other data online. We do not see your card information and will never see them. From a legal point of view, you are better off paying by card online, than many other means of payments. When paying with card, you can get your money bac

  • If the product is not delivered
  • If you deny receiving the product due to your right of withdrawal
  • If money has been drawn from your account without your permission

If you have any questions to the security of AndLight, please call us on +45 44 44 62 44 or write us an e-mail at info@AndLight.com.

Personal data policy

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously.

Handling of your information:
To sign an agreement with us, we need the following information: Name, Address, phone number, and e-mail address.
We need this information in order to deliver the product to you. The personal data is registered at AndLight.com (AndLight Aps, Tømmergravsgade 4B, 2450 Copenhagen SV). The information is kept for five years where after it is deleted. We secure that the information collected through our website, is collected with your submission of expressed consent. Like this, you are informed about the exact information we collect and why.
We do not store information encrypt and we do not transmit customer information encrypted.
Your information regarding your name, address, phone number, etc. is treated confidentially and is used to dispatch your order. Legislative requirements of business community’s financial statements imply that we store your personal data for five years. AndLight is responsible for the handling of personal data.
Personal information is kept by AndLight and saved in a database on a secured server unreachable online. AndLight use logs for statistic purposes. These data does not contain personal information. We do not pass on personal information to third parties. According to the law regarding handling of personal data, you have the right of insight into and objection to information that are related to you.
AndLight makes use of log statistics. This means that we for example use the statistics to examine what products sell the best.

Below, you can read more about AndLight’s use of cookies and log statistics.

A cookie is the term used when a user’s online behavior is registered on the user’s own device (on the user’s hard disc). In the way you can identify the user, for example on a website, at the next visit.
There is not stored personal information attributable to the user, but rather information about the behavior of a user on a website, for example the username of a log-in on a website. En cookie is stored on the user’s hard disc along other stored files. Additionally, a cookie is a text file that is sent to your browser from a web server and subsequently stored on your computer’s hard disc.
You can make your computer inform you when you receive a cookie, or you can turn off cookies completely. The only thing cookies do, is recognizing your computer.
Technically, cookies can be divided into two types. There are session cookies; they keep track of what you’ve put in the shopping bag while you navigate on the web shop. Session cookies are not stored on your computer but deleted once you close the browser.

Then there are permanent cookies. Permanent cookies are saved as a text file on your computer in about a month. A permanent cookie helps our server recognize your computer next time you visit our website. Therefore, we use cookies with the purpose of optimizing the website and it’s functionality and thereby make the visit as easy as possible for you.
You can delete cookies from your computer at any time. In Internet Explore cookies are deleted by clicking on the menu “Functions” -> “Internet settings” -> “Generally” -> “Browser data/Delete cookies”.

Log statistics:
Log statistics is a statistics system that collects information to give a statistic picture of how many visitors a website have, where they come from, and where on the website they choose to leave. We use log statistics with the purpose to optimize the website and its functions.

Product reviews
The purpose of the product reviews is to create transparency around the product and its quality. Your review should therefore focus on the product itself. If you have comments about AndLight or if you need help regarding your order, please contact info@andlight.com and we will be happy to help you! 

AndLight owns the rights to the product reviews and reserves the right to publish product reviews for advertising and marketing. 
AndLight processes the reviews prior to publication. However, it is not recommended to include personal data in the product review; Such as address, telephone number, e-mail etc. You can always choose to have your review deleted by sending a written request to AndLight. 


AndLight likes to see products in real life on social media and we may request to share pictures posted by you on Instagram on our channels. Such channels are mainly AndLight websites* but could also include other channels such as email marketing, blog posts, Instagram share with mentions, paid advertising content on Facebook and Instagram, etc.

By responding #MyAndLight on a picture after AndLight request on Instagram, hereafter referred to as "picture(s)", you agree to the following:

You provide AndLight Aps, a Danish company under registration number (CVR 32562744) hereinafter “AndLight” a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to use, in any manner to be determined in AndLight sole discretion and without any obligations to you, to use your pictures in their marketing and/or advertising activities, including the right to reproduce, distribute, alter and edit your photos. This includes the gallery on the website, newsletters, social media, e-mail, and other customer communications, store materials and other marketing purposes. You also agree to waive your right to be named in connection with your picture when displayed in our newsletter. Furthermore, you give AndLight your consent to use photos where you can be identified for marketing and/or advertising purposes.

You represent and warrant that you own or control the rights to the material you have submitted and that you have permission from any person(s) appearing in the photos. Moreover, you certify that you are an individual (i.e., not a corporation), you are at least 18 years old or have parental consent, and that AndLight use of your pictures will not violate any rights of a third party or any law.

Hereby, you release AndLight from all obligations to pay you for the use of your pictures and freeing and agreeing to keep AndLight and all persons acting for AndLight from all claims (including claims from third party), liabilities, irrespective of nature, in connection with the use of the pictures as described above.

Danish law governs these terms and conditions, where competent courts in Copenhagen shall have exclusive jurisdiction of any dispute arising out of them.

You may always reach out to us with questions about our services or regarding data protection; info@andlight.com

If you want to withdraw consent to share your pictures with AndLight, you have to contact us via email. You may always reach out to us on matters of privacy and data protection by contacting us at: info@andlight.com

* AndLight.dk/.de/.se/.no/.fr/.nl/.pl/.com/.at/.fi/.co.uk/.es/.it/.be/.ch

Other information

AndLight reserves the right to change and update the terms and conditions applied for this website. It is important that you stay regularly updated of potential changes.

Abuse of AndLight is reported to the police.


If you wish to complain about a product you have to contact AndLight by sending us an e-mail at info@AndLight.com or call us at +45 44 44 62 44. Are we in no position to find a solution, you can lodge a complaint to relevant boards within this area, as long as the requirements are met: http://ec.europa.eu/odr

Terms and conditions were updated 20.05.2017

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