Graypants define themselves as a team of problem solvers. With a vision of responsible design and innovative ideas, Graypants takes up the fight against conformity and the old methods.

The design team was founded by architects Seth and Jon in Seattle, back in 2007, when the two friends were looking for new challenges in industrial and personal design. Today, the European division of the company is managed from Amsterdam, from where Andlight imports the fascinating and different products.

With a team of passionate, innovative craftsmen, Graypants creates light series based on people and the environment. This vision and open approach to design, led in 2007 to the company's first series of Scraplights, made from recycled cardboard.

Graypants have had large success with the models

About Scraplights

The Scraplights series is the first series from the American manufacturer and probably also one of the more interesting ones.

With unique craftsmanship and creative, innovative shapes, Graypants has committed to a series of lamps that highlight the organic in the designs. The shades are made of recycled cardboard and treated with a special, fire-retardant coating that both strengthens the construction and makes the lamps resistant.

In the Scraplights series, you can choose from a wealth of different organic and exciting designs that you will not find at other manufacturers. At the same time, you can rejoice that the lamps are made by passionate craftsmen, with responsibility in mind.

The Scraplights series comes in a natural color of brown cardboard or in a white version. Of course, all the pendants come with both socket and cord in the package.

About Chrona

The Chrona series from Graypants is a metallic based and artistic light series. This series of floating pendants is created with inspiration from the glow of the stars and consists of metallic discs with an integrated acrylic ring of LED lights that create a beautiful and fascinating effect.

The thin discs of brush brass or brushed steel, are available in different sizes and on each model, either horizontal or vertical mounting is selected.
The series offers ample opportunity to combine several lamps and games with different installations.

In addition to pendants , the series also includes wall lamps and table lamps - all with integrated LED, which can of course be dimmed with dimmer.

With the Chrona series, you get unique and exclusive solutions that can be used in many places in space and combined in countless ways.


The series from Graypants are not only offered to private individuals, but are also staged in many fascinating locations in the United States.

For example, in the lobby of The Renaissance Hotel in Seattle, you can experience a custom-made cloud of Scraplight lamps waving over guests as soon as they enter.
At's headquarters in Salt Lake City, the beautiful cardboard structures hang at different heights and can be admired as you walk up and down the huge stairs.

Recently, Graypants has also created its very own house "Garage", where the conformities are challenged with new methods of application, of old material. This is the company's award-winning project debut from 2014 and is based on Vashon Island in Washington State.