Fritz Hansen x AndLight
KAISER idell Exclusive Edition Green

Now you can experience the KAISER idell series in a new and unique colour, designed in collaboration between Fritz Hansen and AndLight. The new deep green colour, which draws inspiration from the majestic coniferous forests of Scandinavia, gives the lamps an irresistible presence and creates a timeless, modern and stylish look. The colour symbolises calm and balance and harmonises with the overall design philosophy of the KAISER idell series. With this exclusive edition collection, you can bring a touch of classic design and natural beauty into your home.

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Learn more about the Kaiser Idell series

A design by Christian Dell (1893-1974)

Created by the famous German industrial designer Christian Dell in 1936 and now produced by Fritz Hansen, the KAISER idell lamp series is no exception when it comes to industrial elegance! It is an absolute classic, based on a world-patented swivel joint, and reflects the original Bauhaus design at its best. If you're a design enthusiast and want to add a piece of history to your collection, these sleek and modern lights are a must-have. Known for their high-quality construction and unique features, the KAISER idell range has a variety of models to choose from. Don't miss the opportunity to own one of these iconic lamps. Explore the selection of models from the range here and find the perfect KAISER idell light for your home.

Kaiser Idell 6631 Table Lamp

The iconic KAISER idell table lamp is built around a patented ball joint, which gives the lamp a good and strong function. The table lamp is particularly recognizable by its very distinctive shade, which provides a perfect light output, making it perfect for a desk lamp - or as a stylish design icon in the interior. Available in multiple variants! 

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Kaiser Idell 6631 Pendant

The 6631 pendant lamp has a signature spherical shade that provides a warm and welcoming ambiance. Ideal for creating an inviting atmosphere during dinner parties, work sessions, or leisurely evenings at home, this lamp is sure to elevate any space with its stylish and sophisticated design. The pendant is available in multiple colors, have a look below and find your favorite!  

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Kaiser idell 6718 Wall Lamp

Get the best of both worlds with the 6718 wall lamp from Dell! Its unique swivel shade and extension scissor arm allow you to direct light exactly where you need it, and adjust the length from 47 cm to 89cm. creating a flexible and focused lighting experience in any room. Plus, with Dell's patented technology, you can trust that you're getting a high-quality and innovative product. Add a touch of industrial elegance to your home and shop the different variants right now. 

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Kaiser idell 6556 Floor Lamp

KAISER idell 6556 floor lamp is a clear testament to Christian Dell's ability to create an elegant design using the basic geometric forms characteristic of modernism, such as the sphere, circle, and cylinder. To this day, this specific lamp is widely recognized as a symbol of magnificent Bauhaus design, exquisite material selection, and precise construction. With its artful balance between the asymmetrical shade, slim base, and adjustable ball joint that can direct the light, the 6556-F floor lamp in Dell's signature style provides both ambiance lighting and task lighting. Incorporate this lamp into your home decor to add a touch of sophistication and functionality to any room! See our selection below and shop your new favorite! 

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