Pablo Lighting was established in 1993 by Venezuelan-born industrial designer, Pablo Pardo. He embraces a "less is more" ideology and often challenges conventional design metaphors and traditions. The designs from Pablo Lighting are characterized by a constant pursuit of simplicity and high functionality, where the high technical sensitivity is combined with a carefully selected material palette. A red thread connects all of Pablo's creations, all valuing longevity and sustainability, as well as rejecting the disposable mindset that is so prevalent today. Pablo Lighting's portfolio of products includes ground-breaking and award-winning lamps such as Bola, Circa, Contour, Lana, Pixo, Solis, Superlight, Uma and many more.

Bola Disc series

Pablo Bola Disc is a series of unique and expressive commuters that come in a wide palette of colors and sizes. The beautiful reflective discs that act as lampshades give a feeling of weightlessness, as well as giving a light expression to one's decor. Bola Disc combines an elegant round glass diffuser made of opaline glass, with beautiful and thin, polished discs in stainless steel or aluminum, and is available in chrome, brass, rose gold, gunmetal as well as white or matt black to satisfy even the most demanding taste buds .

Verner Panton Wire

Pablo Pardo

Pablo Pardo has characterized his career by creating modern, minimalist and not least functional designs that promote a harmonious connection between man and his surroundings. Since establishing Pablo Designs in San Francisco in 1993, Pardo's studio has gained international recognition for its innovative lighting and furniture. Through ongoing collaborations with designers who share the same vision of the studio, Pablo strives to create thoughtful designs that add deeper meaning to form and function.

The production

With the creation of his first product in 1993, Pablo established a strong and productive design philosophy. Since then, his core principles have guided the development of every lamp in the studio's 25-year long life. These products continue to evolve in step with culture and defy trends in design, each carrying the underlying uniqueness characteristic of "Pablo".

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