Audo Copenhagen emerges as a fusion of the legacy and craftsmanship of two notable Danish design brands, by Lassen and MENU, now operating under a new moniker with a commitment to creating timeless, functional products that elevate everyday life. This brand focuses on the pillars of craftsmanship, sustainability, and innovation, offering a broad spectrum of furniture, lighting, and accessories tailored for contemporary living environments. By merging the strengths and identities of by Lassen and MENU, Audo Copenhagen not only preserves their renowned design heritage but also propels it into the future with an added emphasis on innovative and sustainable design practices.

Audo Copenhagen - a brand with a story

At its heart, Audo Copenhagen's foundation stories relate to a journey of passion, vision, and collaboration, originating from the amalgamation of by Lassen and MENU. This brand transition is led by Alessandro Sarfatti in 2023, aiming to blend Danish design excellence with Italian craftsmanship. Audo Copenhagen is conceptualized beyond a brand; it represents an ethos of listening and openness to inspiration, as symbolized by its Latin-derived name "Audo." Additionally, The Audo, a multifaceted space in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn, epitomizes the brand's vision by serving as a dynamic convergence point for creativity through its design showroom, hospitality offerings, and event spaces, embodying the brand’s commitment to fostering community, sustainability, and well-being through design.

The Audo - a hybrid space for design lovers

The Audo in Copenhagen stands as a beacon for design aficionados, blending creativity with hospitality in a multidimensional venue that caters to both transient and residential guests. This emblematic site offers not just accommodations but a holistic experience of Audo Copenhagen’s design philosophy through its meticulously decorated rooms, styled with the brand's products and complemented by various artworks. The Audo extends beyond a living space; it is a vibrant hub for discovering design excellence, engaging with innovative workshops, and experiencing the fusion of Danish and Italian craftsmanship firsthand, ultimately serving as a crucible for creative and sustainable design dialogue.