Smart design is about optimizing what you have, instead of wasting space. Bookshelves are a particularly smart way to organize your things, because suddenly you are more aware of what you have on hand and less likely to spend too much space without creating an island with clutter in your bookshelves. And shelves can also be design objects in themselves, so it may be a good idea to renew your interior to invest in a designer shelf. Take a look at our selection and find out what kind of shelf best suits your interior.

Creating space and overview with shelves

So if you want to create more space and a better overview in your interior, you need to find bookshelves to hang in your living room, your office and in your bedroom. No matter what your interior looks like, you need to have empty spaces where you can hang a shelf or two.

In addition to creating space and giving you another opportunity to decorate, the shelves allow you to display your favorite books and style items in a discreet and integrated way. Choose your favorite design from our selection and start decorating your home with bookshelves to create more space, less clutter and a better overview of your belongings.

Modern, classic or raw styles

Shelves come in many different shapes and sizes, and depending on your style and space, you can choose different design languages to suit your mood. If you like modern interiors, there are plenty of discreet and timeless pieces that float on your wall without attracting too much attention.

If you are looking for a more classic and decadent style, you can choose shelves with metallic details and wooden surfaces, giving the room a prominent and classic atmosphere. There are also raw shelves, made of cast steel, aluminum or brass that give a dramatic effect and an industrial style that is becoming more and more popular.

Sizes for different purposes

Depending on the purpose of the shelf, you need to choose the right size of your bookshelf. A popular choice is to hang a large shelf over the couch or over the TV table to proudly display your book collection and a few vases or other design items. In contrast, you can use smaller shelves in the hallway to display individual items on each small shelf.

This way you create a depth on the wall and you are able to tell your own small story with objects. The possibilities are endless and you can get very creative with your shelving if you spend some time planning it. See our wonderful selection and start creating your own wall decorations with shelves and shelving from our partners.