Tala, a pioneering British LED light brand, marries exquisite design with sustainability in its approach to creating LED bulbs. Its philosophy emphasizes the importance of sustainability, committing to the planting of 10 trees for every 200 products sold. Tala's LEDs are renowned for transforming spaces with their unique light, attracting the notice of industry leaders like Tom Dixon for their market potential. Their range includes traditional and sculptural bulbs such as Voronoi I and Voronoi II, and porcelain models like Oval, Oblo, Noma, and Enno, each designed to cast an unparalleled glow.

Popular LED bulbs from Tala

Tala presents a diverse collection of LED bulbs that spans from classic to modern styles. Their classic sector encompasses globe bulbs, candle-shaped bulbs, and traditional shapes available in both E14 and E27 sockets. On the other hand, their latest range offers more sculptural bulbs that add a unique aesthetic to any room they're used in, with innovations like the Voronoi II and ENNO porcelain LED bulb standing out as true centerpieces for their dazzling form and the exquisite light they emit.

Tala’s design team and technology

Driven by an eight-person design and development team, Tala is at the forefront of LED innovation, seamlessly weaving the nostalgic feel of traditional incandescent bulbs with the efficiency and technological advancement of modern LEDs. The result is a collection of bulbs that not only pay homage to the classic aesthetic of yesteryears but also offer the environmental and economic benefits of contemporary LED technology. This fusion ensures customers receive bulbs that elevate the traditional lighting experience with an elegant, atmospheric glow reminiscent of incandescents while capitalizing on LED advancements.