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  • 3 new table lamp trends in 2021

    See the newest table lamp trends for 2021. We have gathered 3 trends to look out for. Discover lamps that encapsulates geometric shapes, bright colors and portable solutions.

  • Andlight: Guide to Light Sources
    Here you will find everything you need to know, when choosing a lightbulb for your new designer lamp. In collaboration with lighting expert Peter Manscher from Muuto, we have created a short and easy-to-understand guide for finding the perfect light for your home.
  • Lamps for the home office
    Choose the perfect designer lamp for your home office to make it truly unique and special.

    We have the best tips for you to find the right lamp and tips to style it!
  • Lighting Guide: 7 new lamps above the dining table
    We've collected 7 favorites to hang above your dining table, so you can get inspired for your dining table lamp shopping. You can read more about information on how to get the right lamp heigh, the right size and the right amount of lamps above the dining table.
  • Lighting guide: Dining table lamps
    We have made a guide to choosing the right lamp for the dining table and collected the most beautiful pendants from the most popular brands. There is something for every taste and at the same time some good tips on how to choose your dining table lamp and how to hang it. Read on and learn more about the many options with dining table lamps.
  • Lighting guide: Lamps for the bedroom
    We continue our lighting guide with the best solutions for the bedroom. Find the most beautiful and functional lamps to use in the bedroom, when reading before
  • Lighting guide: Lamps for the kitchen
    Finding the right lighting for your kitchen can be a large challenge. We have made a guide to the things to consider when choosing lamps for the kitchen. In addition, we have collected a few suggestions for good lighting in the kitchen.
  • Lighting Guide: Lamps for the office
    We have found some of the most beautiful and functional lamps for the office. Read more to find your next office lamp, so you can get the best working light in your office.
  • Roomguide: Lamps for your bathroom
    It can be difficult to choose the right lighting for your bathroom. The ambience of the room can be very different, depending on the lights you choose. You also have to be aware of the IP Certification on the lamps, to make sure that they are made for use in damp environments. Read the article and learn more about bathroom lighting.
  • Roomguide: Lamps for your living room
    We have collected the most beautiful and eye-catching lamps for your living room. Whether you need ambient lighting or standing light for reading, you will find inspiration below. Discover the brands and learn more about living room lighting.
  • Roomguide: Lamps for your office
    We spend many hours in the office everyday - that's why we should make it as comfortable, functional and inviting as possible. The right lighting plays a big role in a productive environment and with this guide you can choose just the right lamps for your office. Here is what you should consider, before investing in office lamps.
  • This is how our stylists decorate with portable lamps
    The portable lamps are small and easy to move around and in the last few years, they have made a comeback and gained great success with their practical and functional design. Do as our AndLight stylists and move them around inside your home for optimal lighting.
  • This is the ultimate café for design lovers
    Looking for a new café to visit or are you just looking for interior inspiration? Well, here you get both. Take a visit to Lille Petra Café by &Tradition that will satisfy every design lover. In the heart of Copenhagen, you'll find the small gem that both acts as a showroom with their newest designs while serving Smørrebrød and other delicious signature dishes.