Lamp Glossary

Lamp Glossary

Color temperature - The color and warmth that a light issues. This is measured in Kelvin and ranges from red to blue light. The scale ranges from 1000K-7000K, but a distinction is usually made between 2700K (warm white light) and 3000K (white light). Most homes use 2700K light for most of their lamps. 3000K or above is used primarily in offices, shops and professional areas, where bright light is needed.

Color Rendering Index (CRI) - An index that describes the light's ability to reproduce colors correctly. The index is based on sunlight, as the sun is able to reproduce all colors, and therefore has a perfect color consistency. This is measured on a scale from 0-100, where 100 is a perfect color consistency. Choose a lightbulb with 80+ CRI and you are sure to get a quality light. Almost all of our lightbulbs are 80+ CRI.

Lumen - Describes the light intensity of the lamp, ie. how much power the bulb is lit with. Intensity depends on the output of the lamp, ie. how many watts the bulb is lit with.
Ordinary light bulbs will place somewhere between 450 Lumens and 1600 Lumens, where 450 is a soft and dim light and 1600 is a powerful light, for illumination of larger areas. Most choose bulbs with somewhere between 400-900 Lumen.

Candela - Describes the bulb's ability to distribute light. In other words, this describes how wide or narrow the "cone" of light thrown from the bulb is. This is mainly relevant for carefully orchestrated installations and showrooms. Very few private homes need to focus on Candela. An interior stylist can help you with wether this is important for you.

Hardwired - This means that the lamp must be mounted directly in the wall, ie. that the lamp does not use a wall outlet. These must be installed by a professional electrician, as wires often need to be directed through the wall and into the lamp.

Dim-to-warm - This is a new dimming technique that changes the color temperature of the bulb as it dims. If the lamp is at low intensity, it will therefore have a warmer and more orange color (low Kelvin) and if it is at high intensity, the light will be white and neutral (high Kelvin).

Canopy/Ceiling Rose - The cup that is mounted on top of the lamp socket in the ceiling. This is done primarily to hide wiring and mounting and gives the lamp a coherent look. The vast majority of pendants come with a ceiling rose, but in some cases this is not included. It is typically on series that can be mounted in combination, where you have to choose a separate rosette. If you are ordering a single pendant, a ceiling rose will almost always be included.

IP Rating - IP stands for "Ingress Protection" and is developed to describe the seal in a product, ie. its ability to repel water, dust and other foreign bodies. There are many different ratings and it can be difficult to get an overview. We have gathered the most frequent ratings here, so you can understand the IP rating, before ordering. IP ratings are primarily important when choosing lamps for the bathroom or for the outside of your home. Get more information, in our IP-rating guide.

IP20 - (ordinary lamps) - Approved for ordinary indoor use. This is categorized as "no protection", which means that the lamp can not withstand water, moisture, dirt or unusual temperatures.

IP44 - (bathroom lamps) - Approved to withstand physical objects that are over 1 mm in size, and can withstand water splashes from all directions. These lamps can be used in the bathroom as they can withstand water spray, as well as periodic moisture. However, they should never be used inside the shower cubicle itself or outdoors as they will take damage over time.

IP65 - (outdoor lamps and bathroom lamps) - Approved as totally dust resistant and able to withstand a direct jet of water (including rain and rainstorms). These can be used outdoors and also above your shower cubicle. The lamp cannot withstand submersion in water.

IP68 - (Outdoor lamps and Shower cubicles) - Approved as totally dust resistant and to withstand direct water jets, as well as submersion in water. These can be used outdoors or on the walls/floor of your shower cubicle.

Integrated LED - The lamp has a built-in lightbulb, which works as soon as the lamp is mounted or plugged in. This has become more popular in recent years, as LED light sources can eventually last for many, many years. To learn more about integrated light sources and their selection, take a look at our light source guide.

Sustainable emblem - Mouse-over "This lamp is made of sustainable materials and in a responsible production - You can read more about sustainable products here."

Made to order - The lamp is produced to order. On these products, the delivery time is indicative, as it is smaller workshops that manufacture your lamp by hand. There may be delays due to busyness or lack of materials. Be aware of this when you see the "Made to Order" emblem. If the lamp is not in stock when you order, it means that it must be produced. We will send you an email with the confirmed delivery date, when we receive this information from the manufacturer.

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