Backorder - What Does It Mean?

Backorder - What does this mean for my order?

Here at Andlight , we go to great lengths to deliver your order on time. If the lamp is in stock, it will always be sent the following day of your order. Many times we can even send the same day, if the lamp is in stock.

Unfortunately, we are subject to our manufacturers being able to deliver on time and this, unfortunately, is not always possible.

Typically it is primarily in our peak season between November and January that we experience backorders from our manufacturers. Reasons may be problems with the production, shortage of materials and production errors that needs correcting.

Of course, we do everything we can to ensure that you get your lamp as quickly as possible, but we sometimes have to submit to conditions that cannot be changed.

Below, we have gathered a number of issues that may occur in the production of your lamp and which may be the reason for a backorder.

Missing materials

Several of our manufacturers work with sustainable, natural materials, which cannot always be obtained on time. If the manufacturer has high demands for their materials, like a certain type of wood or stone, it is necessary to wait for the delivery of this material, before production can start. This is to ensure quality in the end product.

Defective production

If the manufacturer experiences that one or more of their products have recurring production defects, they may be forced to reorganize their production or move production completely to another factory. This process takes time and can occur on new series in particular, since they may have an unforeseen problem that needs solving.

Strike in production

Some of our major suppliers have production in Asia, where production is outsourced and therefore the brand may be out of influence, in relation to a possible strike or conflict at the factory. This can cause the production to shut down and here the producer does not have much to say in relation to resolving the conflict, which has nothing to do with their product.

High demand

Unsurprisingly, backorders also occur due to limited time in production. Especially in November and December, we experience such a high demand for some lamps, that production simply cannot keep up.

This is especially noticeable with the manufacturers who make lamps by hand. Here, they can only work as fast as their hands allow them and during busy periods, waiting time may occur. This results in the lamp being backordered.

If we are informed of a backorder after your order has been placed, we will notify you immediately. In the email, the new delivery date will be noted and you can then decide whether you want to wait for the lamp to ship or rather cancel your order.

We understand that a lamp is a product that must be used in a specific context and therefore it is nice to know when it arrives. We always do our best to keep you updated about changes in delivery time and this post is an attempt to explain, why waiting times can occur.

If you have any questions about your backorder or want to know more about the situation causing the delay, please feel free to contact us.

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