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Sika-Design is a leading manufacturer of quality rattan furniture. Since the early 1940s, Sika-Design has created beautiful, durable furniture for indoor and outdoor use. With a passion for design and natural materials, Sika-Design has gained a fantastic reputation for creating luxurious, functional furniture that fits perfectly into any home. Sika-Design's range includes everything from comfortable chairs and sofas to practical tables and shelves. All Sika-Designs furniture is handmade by experienced craftsmen, so you can be sure to get a unique piece of furniture of the highest quality. See the large selection of furniture that will add style and comfort to your home.

Caroline Armchair

The Caroline Armchair is one of the beautiful and comfortable pieces of furniture that can be found in Sika-Design's portfolio. The armchair is handmade in sustainable Indonesian rattan and woven by skilled basket makers. The braided rattan is not only beautiful to look at, but also helps to create a strong and durable construction. The Caroline Armchair is perfect for relaxing in, and with its unique style and exquisite comfort will be an eye-catcher in any home. Caroline is suitable for the ordinary home and the summer house, and the detailed windings make the armchair a cozy and calm element in the room.

Verner Panton Wire

Rattan - A sustainable material

Sika-Design has been using rattan in their production for over 70 years and this sustainable material has been a fundamental part of the company from the start. Sustainability has always been part of Sika-Design's DNA, and this passion for creating durable, environmentally friendly furniture continues to be part of their core values. Rattan is one of the most sustainable materials available for furniture making. Rattan is solid, unlike hollow bamboo, which makes it incredibly durable and almost impossible to wear out. Sika-Design has managed to create a large selection of beautiful, quality furniture made from this fantastic material.

Fredericia Furniture Furniture - Designer Børge Mogensen

The story behind

Sika-Design's history starts back in 1942, which was the year Ankjær Andreasen produced the first series of handmade baskets, lamps, flower arrangements and other things for the home, made of reeds and willows. In the 1950s, Ankjær expanded production to include furniture made of rattan, which was the start of the company we know as Sika-Design today. Since then, the company has grown strong and recognized for its passion for design and natural materials.

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