Sika-Design, prominent since the early 1940s for its high-quality rattan furniture, showcases a blend of luxury and practicality that enhances both indoor and outdoor spaces. Esteemed for its commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship, Sika-Design's portfolio includes the elegantly woven Caroline Armchair, a testament to the brand's dedication to beauty and durability, making it a standout addition to any setting. Rattan, a solid and sustainable material central to Sika-Design's creations for over seven decades, embodies the company's ethos of producing environmentally friendly, long-lasting furniture. The genesis of Sika-Design traces back to 1942 when Ankjær Andreasen first crafted items from reeds and willows, eventually transitioning to rattan furniture in the 1950s, marking the beginning of what would become a reputable name in the design world for its beautiful, handcrafted furniture and unwavering passion for natural materials and design innovation.