Secto pendants and chandeliers

Secto, established in 1995 in Finland, showcases its dedication to craftsmanship through its collection of lamps made from Finnish birch and walnut wood, all handcrafted with an emphasis on quality and detail by skilled Finnish cabinetmakers. Among its celebrated designs is the Octo series, along with the recently launched Petite series, a fresh twist on the Secto design ethos. Secto's offerings are a testament to exquisite design, unparalleled workmanship, and superior quality, ensuring that each lamp is not just a piece of functional art but a unique masterpiece that perfectly complements interior spaces with its distinctive illumination. The brand takes pride in its pendant lamps, celebrated for their unique impact in interior design, as showcased across its product range and those of other brands at

Popular lamps from Secto

Secto's commitment to craftsmanship is evident in its range of wooden lamps, each made by hand to encapsulate richness in detail and quality. Specializing solely in wood for years, Secto has honed its craft to perfection, offering some of the finest wooden lamps on the market. These lamps, including the Secto Octo 4240 pendant, the Secto Atto 5000 pendant, and the Secto 4210 floor lamp, are celebrated for adding warmth and soul to any room, embodying Secto's vision and innovation in wooden lamp design with a focus on aesthetics and functional artistry.

Secto and Seppo Koho

THe foundation of Secto as it stands today was built upon the partnership between Seppo Koho, an architect with degrees focusing on applied arts and engineering from universities in Helsinki and Tampere, Finland respectively, and Secto's team. Koho's vision brought to life the renowned Secto lamps, beginning with Finnish materials to craft lamps with a unique, serene expression that matched the furniture of its time. This collaboration marked the beginning of Secto's journey to becoming leaders in wooden lamp design, cherished both domestically and internationally, with over 90% of their creations being sold beyond Finnish borders, further solidifying Secto's esteemed position in the global market through the establishment of Secto Design USA in 2017.