Petite means 'small, delicate, and pretty'. These adjectives characterise Secto's Petite series. The stylish lamps are made from birch veneer. As the name implies the Secto Petite series is a series of smaller, delicate lamps that fit most places thanks to their size. Petite comes as a ceiling , wall and table lamp . The wall light and table lamp are both adjustable so you can tailor the direction of light to your needs, making it a perfect reading lamp. The lamps give a nice light, that comes out of the slots ensuring a nice and warm atmosphere. Secto Petite lamps are available in white , black , walnut and birch .

The popular Secto Petite

Secto Petite is the newly arrived little brother and with its cone-shaped lampshade, it looks a lot like the Secto 4201 and Secto 4200 . The Secto Petite is a small lamp that is available as a pendant , table lamp and wall light . The small size and the selection of lamp types mean that the lamp is incredibly versatile, i.e. it can be used anywhere in the home. The Secto Petite can for example be hung in the kitchen, both the wall light and the pendant are well-suited there. The table lamp looks great on the desk and bedside table. The pretty lampshade is made of light and slim wooden slats which give the lamp a fill and a sense of lightness at the same time. The slim wooden slats allow the light to seep through and radiates pretty, linear shadows around the room. All in all, the lamp provides an atmospheric light to the room. The unique Petite series is available in four different variants that can all be purchased from AndLight: walnut , birch , black & white .

The designer behind the Secto Petite

Seppo Koho (born 1967) is the designer behind the beautiful Secto lamps. Seppo Koho is an architect with a degree from the University in Helsinki, Finland, where he focused on applied arts. Furthermore, he also has a degree from the Technical University of Tampere, Finland. With the Secto lamps, Seppo Koho has started with Finnish materials which give the lamps a unique and calm expression.

The story behind Secto

The story of Secto begins with an encounter between Secto founder Tuula Juséllius and present chief designer Seppo Koho. During their first encounter, they soon realised that there was chemistry between them and they focused on the same values. Both of them have a big passion for quality craftmanship, natural materials and Scandinavian design. Since that day, Secto has prospered and today Secto is a popular manufacturer, known for their modern designs in quality materials made by skilled craftmen.

Secto Petite