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Piet Hein was a versatile and talented artist and designer of the 20th century. He was an architect, mathematician and lyricist who had a unique ability to combine poetry, geometry and design in a harmonious expression. With a sharp mind and a distinctive line, Piet Hein created a series of functional and aesthetically pleasing designs that have been loved by many over the years. His philosophy was to unite beauty and functionality, so that the design was not only visually appealing, but also practical and useful in everyday life. Piet Hein's designs are timeless and still relevant today, and are sure to add elegance and style to any home or office.

The club court

The coffee table was designed in a simple and timeless design by the Danish designer Piet Hein back in 1964. The design oozes functionality and has unimaginable possibilities of use. The klaburet is foldable, which makes it both easy to store and easy to pull out when an extra seat needs to be found. The ottoman works well as a footstool when you need extra comfort for your legs when sitting in the armchair or sofa. The possibilities are many with this beautiful piece of furniture. The design and production of the Klaburett have both taken place in Denmark.

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Piet Hein

Piet Hein known for his versatile career as a mathematician, poet, writer and inventor. His upbringing in a well-educated family, where both artists and scientists were part of his environment, gave him a unique opportunity to develop into the person he became. As a designer, Piet Hein was known for creating furniture with geometric shapes. He is best known for his famous designs of the Super Egg and the Super Ellipse, still considered one of the greatest contributions to the history of furniture design. Piet Hein's designs were not only beautiful, but also practical and functional, making them timeless classics.

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The company today

Today, it is Piet Hein's son, Hugo Piet Hein, who carries on his father's well-known and beloved designs and visions. Systematizing the many drawings, sketches, texts, products and images from Piet Hein's long and very productive life is a large part of Hugo Piet Hein's work. He helps ensure the production of all the well-known and beautiful designs, and ensures that they live up to his father's high demands for quality.

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Piet Hein