VERMUND showcases Vermund Larsen's original Danish design from the 1950s and '60s, featuring an array of dining table chairs, office chairs, and coffee tables. These pieces are a testament to the timeless appeal of Danish design, meticulously crafted to merge aesthetic elegance with exceptional ergonomic comfort. Signature pieces like VL118 and VL1100 chairs are designed not only for their visual allure but also to enhance the communal experience around the dining table, emphasizing both form and function in contemporary home decor.

The story of VERMUND

The genesis of VERMUND began in 1935 when 26-year-old Vermund Larsen acquired a defunct iron company and transformed it into a hub for innovative steel and wooden furniture design. By the 1950s, Larsen had established himself as a significant figure in Danish furniture design with creations like the VL1100 "Eye Chair" and the VL135 "Cozy." These initial designs marked the start of what would become a celebrated legacy in the realm of Danish furniture, characterized by a blend of traditional craftsmanship and pioneering design philosophies that would ultimately define VERMUND's unique contribution to the industry.

Danish design with fantastic seating comfort

VERMUND's legacy is deeply rooted in Vermund Larsen's dedication to ergonomic innovation, setting his work apart from his contemporaries by prioritizing the synthesis of aesthetics and comfort. This philosophy culminates in designs that don't just cater to the visual senses but also offer unparalleled seating comfort. The VL119 office and dining chair encapsulates this ethos, embodying VERMUND's commitment to crafting furniture that marries functionality with comfort. Today, VERMUND's designs continue to be produced in Denmark, bearing testament to Vermund Larsen's lasting impact on the world of Danish design.