Ton is a distinguished company with an extensive history, celebrated for its commitment to quality and exquisite craftsmanship. It boasts a collection of iconic products appreciated worldwide, with the classic No. 14 chair and the elegant Deja-vu 54 standing out among its offerings. Ton's portfolio extends beyond these beloved pieces to include a variety of other high-caliber items, crafted with the same meticulous attention to quality and detail. Those exploring the vast and enchanting world of steam-bent furniture will find themselves captivated by the unique designs and enduring nature of Ton's products, ensuring a worthwhile investment for years to come.

Steam bent furniture

Steam bending is a cornerstone of Ton's manufacturing, giving life to its renowned products. This traditional technique shapes wood into beautiful, durable furniture, showcasing the intricate work of at least 20 skilled craftsmen per piece. From shaping to assembling, every step is carried out with precision, resulting in furniture meant to surpass a lifetime. Ton's dedication to this craft emphasizes their commitment to creating lasting legacies with each product, affirming their status as pioneers in the furniture industry.

Popular products from Ton

The No 14 chair is among Ton's most celebrated creations, a testament to groundbreaking design and mass production capabilities. Crafted by Michael Thonet in 1859, this chair revolutionized furniture manufacturing and became a staple in public spaces worldwide, with over 80 million units sold. Its construction from steam-bent tubes and simplicity in design underscored its accessibility and affordability, marking it as a significant achievement in the company's legacy. The chair's widespread acceptance and enduring popularity demonstrate Ton's influential role in shaping global furniture trends.