The garden

The garden

Are you looking to enhance your outdoor space with stylish and high-quality lighting? AndLight offers a vast selection of outdoor lamps from renowned manufacturers like Lampe Gras, In The Tube, Royal Botania, Marset, and Astro, ensuring your summer evenings are cozy and well-illuminated. Our continuously expanding assortment caters to the latest decoration trends, and for those interested in indoor lighting options, our website features a comprehensive collection of designer lamps. With our commitment to excellence, AndLight is your go-to destination for premium outdoor and indoor lighting solutions.

Inspiration for choosing outdoor lighting

Choosing the right outdoor lighting can transform your exterior spaces, offering both functionality and style. AndLight's curated collection includes popular brands like Royal Botania, known for the Royal Botania Lighthouse and Q-bic floor lamps, ideal for pathway illumination and creating a welcoming atmosphere. For those seeking a modern touch, Cph Lighting's Eggy and Lightyears' HL 410W wall light are standout options that blend elegance with durability. No matter your lighting needs—be it for a garden, terrace, or the front door—AndLight's extensive range of outdoor lamps provides ample inspiration and high-quality solutions for any space.

How to choose the right outdoor light

Outdoor lighting not only welcomes your guests but also has to withstand the elements, requiring robust and well-designed solutions. At AndLight, we emphasize the importance of quality, offering lamps from top manufacturers like Royal Botania, Cph Lighting, Foscarini, Marset, and Studio Italia Design that promise durability without compromising on aesthetics. Whether you need spotlights for versatility, charming ceiling lights for compact spaces, or unique options like the Foscarini Havana pendant for ambient terrace lighting, our selection ensures your outdoor areas are perfectly illuminated. By prioritizing both functionality and design, AndLight makes it easy to find high-quality outdoor lighting that meets every requirement.