Welcome to Seletti, an Italian company founded in 1964 in Cicognara, Mantova, known for its departure from the Scandinavian minimalist design ethos, focusing instead on the whimsical and inventive. Seletti has gained international acclaim for its playful and iconic lamps, such as peeled bananas, beating hearts, and animal figures holding light bulbs. Their product range exemplifies a fresh, uncompromising approach to design, offering creative alternatives to the often too-predictable Nordic interior styles. Notable among their collections is the "My Little" lamps series, small art installations under glass domes, capturing moments from street corners or iconic scenarios, perfect for diverse uses from night lights to office decorations. The Monkey lamp series, a collaborative effort with designer MarcAntonio, features monkeys seemingly stealing bulbs, reflecting a unique interplay between human and nature motifs. These lines exemplify Seletti's commitment to blending fun with functionality, challenging conventional design norms and infusing spaces with humor and innovation.