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Oluce is an old iconic Italian brand that was founded way back in 1945 by Giuseppe Ostuni and they have been producing their classic lamps ever since. With its many years in the industry, Oluce has created a beautiful and legendary collection of iconic designs such as the Atollo the table lamps and the Coupé series.

Dive into the old Italian brand and be inspired by their luxurious and beautiful products that attract and fascinate you. The clear focus on quality combined with the extraordinary design provides a very special experience with this traditional Italian brand.

Atollo series

One of the most popular products from Italian Oluce is their Atollo table lamp, designed by Vico Magistretti. When Vico Magistretti designed the lamp in 1977, it was a ground-breaking design that combined different geometric shapes into a lamp. This interplay between the cylindrical base ending in a conical top, with a hemisphere placed on top, created a playful and decorative product, which to this day is considered legendary in the history of Italian design. Atollo has also won a number of awards for its great design.

Verner Panton Wire

Designers at Oluce

Due to their many years in the industry, Oluce has worked with a large number of renowned designers who have helped to define their collection. Oluce has worked with designers such as Joe Colombo and Vico Magistretti who have created the Cupolé and Atollo lamps respectively. Besides these, Oluce has also, among other things, worked together with Tito Agnoli, Mariana Pellegrino Soto, Marco Zanuso.


The story behind Oluce

Oluce is one of the older companies in the industry. Giuseppe Ostuni founded Oluce in 1945, and the brand has been producing their iconic lamps ever since. Oluce achieved their first real recognition at the Compasso d'Oro in 1955 when Tito Agnoli was nominated with two of his lamps he had designed for Oluce. Since then, Oluce has received many nominations and awards for their extraordinary products. To this day, these many years after Oluce's founding, Oluce still focuses on finding people who can tell and interpret the different ways to present light.

Logo Oluce - Designer lamps from Oluce