Muubs is dedicated to crafting raw and unique products with strong inspirations from Nordic nature, emphasizing originality, longevity, and high functionality. Their design philosophy embraces the beauty of the imperfect, integrating natural imperfections and unique characteristics into their products. From rustic wooden kitchenware with natural knots to handmade tables with lively imperfections, Muubs aims to create items with a soul and a story, promoting the idea that perfection is found in the flaws and making each product distinctive and special for several generations.

Angle series

The Angle series by Muubs epitomizes their commitment to sustainable and thoughtful design, incorporating the ancient carpentry technique of dovetails to achieve beautiful joints. This series embodies a blend of Nordic simplicity with a raw, urban twist, constructed from wood to emphasize sustainability and produced in Europe to minimize CO2 emissions. The Angle series showcases Muubs' dedication to reducing their environmental footprint, showcasing their deep-rooted values in sustainability through design decisions that favor flat-packing and regional production to ensure each piece not only looks good but does good.

Birgitte Rømer

Birgitte Rømer, the Head of Design at Muubs, is celebrated for infusing her creations with authenticity, beauty, and personality. Her dedication to timeless quality and good craftsmanship is evident in her designs, which beautifully merge clean lines with organic and sculptural elements, all while incorporating the real, raw, and natural. Among her notable works is the Angle series, where Rømer's passion and creativity vividly come to life, showcasing her ability to create designs that resonate with Muubs' ethos of originality and sustainability while adding a personal touch of elegance and authenticity.