MOTARASU is a Danish-Japanese design brand founded in 2018 by Mikkel Zebitz, aspiring to merge the distinct design philosophies of Japan and Denmark. Zebitz aimed to create unique, special designs by blending these two styles, envisioning that such a combination could lead to extraordinary products. The brand showcases a variety of fascinating items, including the stylish Float dining table chairs and the striking Hokore pendant, constructed from 1000 bamboo sticks, demonstrating MOTARASU's unique approach to design.

Designer from Motarasu

MOTARASU prides itself on collaborating with designers who possess a deep understanding of both Danish and Japanese design principles. Notable collaborations include Lars Vejen and Taijiro Ishiko, who co-created the Float chair, among other accomplished designers like Akiko Ken Made, Masuko Unayama, and Stilleben, responsible for the Reflex stool, Union tray, and Shiro bowls, respectively. This diverse blend of talents underlines MOTARASU's commitment to producing designs that reflect a harmonious blend of Danish and Japanese aesthetics.

The story behind Motarasu

Despite being a relatively recent entrant to the market, MOTARASU, founded in 2018 by Mikkel Zebitz, has quickly distinguished itself with its quality products that resonate with the brand's philosophy of surrounding oneself with beautifully designed, quality furniture and interiors. Zebitz's vision extended beyond merely being inspired by Japanese design; he sought a deeper integration by pairing Danish and Japanese designers to craft unique designs that encapsulate the essence of both cultures. This approach has allowed MOTARASU to carve a niche for itself in the design world, offering genuinely unique products that stand out for their cultural blend and design excellence.