2016 was the year the design company, Møbel Copenhagen, was founded by Sara Agersborg in Copenhagen. Møbel Copenhagen is a brand that celebrates the classic Danish design values, good craftsmanship, high functionality and quality materials. Danish design traditions and innovation have been united to create the classics of tomorrow - furniture that will be loved and admired for generations to come. With a strong belief in collaboration and community, each piece of furniture is created and produced in collaboration with visionary and talented people who share the same love for beautiful and vibrant design, functionality and innovation.

The Font Collection

The Font collection combines comfort with classic Scandinavian design. Elegant and timeless designs that fit perfectly into the modern decor. The clean and simple aesthetics make it possible to place the furniture from the Font collection in any type of interior design. The soft padded seats and backrests ensure that you can relax and enjoy every moment. In the Font collection you will find a wide range of furniture that suits different needs. There are bar stools, sofas, armchairs and dining table chairs, all in different colours, so you can find just what suits your style and preference.

Verner Panton Wire

David Thulstrup

David Thulstrup is an award-winning architect and designer who combines his Scandinavian background with a modern approach to design. He himself describes his own style as "modern simplicity". With a strong foundation in his Scandinavian background, David Thulstrup creates designs that combine functionality, aesthetics and comfort. Through a careful and thought-out approach to materials and design, David creates unique and innovative solutions. David Thulstrup has a master's degree in interior architecture and is a trained architect. He is, among other things, the man behind the elegant furniture collections Font and Pair.

Furniture Copenhagen - Designer David Thulstrup

The production

Every single product in Møbel Copenhagen's portfolio is produced in Europe and in the best possible materials, so that customers are guaranteed a piece of furniture that has been created to last for centuries. By keeping production close to their head office in Copenhagen, the transport distance is reduced considerably and large CO2 emissions are avoided. For the production of the many beautiful pieces of furniture, natural materials such as wood and clay are used, among other things.

Logo Møbel Copenhagen - Designer furniture from Møbel Copenhagen

Møbel Copenhagen