Mazo, a Danish design company, is renowned for its fusion of the functionalism of the mid-1900s with modern aesthetics, producing lamps, furniture, and accessories that embody a blend of lightness and substantive design. Their collection includes both well-known design classics and undiscovered gems, courtesy of exclusive rights to create and distribute furniture designed by Danish architect Magnus Læssøe Stephensen and collaborations with contemporary designers who share a passion for Danish and Japanese aesthetics. This design philosophy ensures every piece strikes a balance between utility and beauty, employing quality materials suitable for modern lifestyles. Among their offerings, Mazo's iconic chair series TMBO and a selection of other designs can be explored further.

Popular launches from Mazo

Mazo stands out for its eclectic mix of both classic designs and innovative creations. For instance, the COLUMN tables by BUNN Studio draw inspiration from traditional swivel stools and incorporate adjustable heights, while the ARCH series presents sofas and chairs that blend timeless elegance with modern simplicity, suitable for any interior. The TMBO series, known for its distinct backrest and material use, alongside the 16PLUS series of Bone China porcelain lamps, demonstrates Mazo's commitment to combining unique shapes with classic styles. This selection underscores Mazo's dedication to offering aesthetically pleasing, functionally superior furniture and lighting options.

Mazo's designers

Mazo's collaborative and creative spirit is embodied in its partnership with magnus Læssøe Stephensen's legacy, including a unique agreement to produce his designs, and working with his son, ceramicist Snorre Læssøe Stephensen, who is inspired by Japanese techniques. Furthermore, Mazo's work with BUNN Studio, rooted in Danish functionalism and the Bauhaus style, supplements its collection with designs that promote tranquility and simplicity. These collaborations, founded on principles of functionality, excellent craftsmanship, and a nod to Nordic design values, have established Mazo's distinctive stance in the realm of Nordic design, catering to contemporary needs while respecting historical design philosophies.