Martinelli Luce

With nearly seven decades of experience, the essence and core philosophy behind the formidable legacy of lamp design and manufacture focus intensely on personal experience, innovation, and creative design rather than just the scientific aspect of lighting. The inspiration and values dictating the design and production process emphasize simplicity coupled with extreme creativity. These values, cherished and propagated by the founder and the team, underscore the importance of attitude and flexibility towards the world and ideas, regardless of how unconventional they may appear. This approach has instilled a distinctive character in the lamps, blending minimalistic designs with bold innovation.

Popular lamps from Martinelli Luce

Martinelli Luce represents a pivotal name in the design world, contributing significantly to shaping design history with its unique lamp designs such as the Cobra, celebrated in prestigious museums like New York's MoMa and Triennale Di Milano in Italy. The Cobra lamp, now available in a striking red color to commemorate its 50th anniversary, stands as a testament to the brand's enduring legacy and its ability to infuse traditional designs with dynamic and powerful contemporary visual appeals. This demonstrates the brand's commitment to design excellence and its influence on the global design landscape.

Martinelli & Co

The vision and creative genius behind Martinelli Luce, Elio Martinelli, established a legacy of design innovation beginning with his art studies in Florence, spearheading his company in Lucca. Under his guidance and now continuing under his daughter, Emiliana Martinelli, the brand remains a stalwart in the design world, pushing boundaries and fostering a unique blend of artistic expression and functional elegance in lamp design. This transition of leadership ensures the perpetuation of Elio's innovative ideals and the evolution of the brand, securing its place in both the history and future of design.