Since 1976, Magis has enriched the world with a history of ideas, creativity and experimentation. Magis is a Latin word meaning "more" and this has been the major driving force for experimentation. Magis has a large focus on their choice of materials, technologies, as well as the production processes the various projects and products go through. They always have one eye on the past, and one eye on a new, sustainable and timeless future. Designs that appear eclectic and versatile, and will adorn the home as well as the public space.

The 360 collection

360 from Magis, is an extremely stylish and modern drawer system on wheels. The innovative drawer system was designed by the German industrial designer, Konstantin Grcic. 360's drawers are spun around their own axis, made of aluminum, which makes it easy to get to the individual drawers and provides a high level of functionality.

The drawer system is available in two models, either with five drawers or 10 drawers, and in several different fun colours. A piece of furniture that can easily fit in the office as well as in the teenager's room when things need to be stored in a stylish way.

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Konstantin Grcic

Konstantin Grcic is one of the many talented designers that Magis works with. The German designer graduated from the Royal College of Art in London, and today has his own design company in Berlin, Konstantin Grcic Design. Among other things, Grcic has been the mastermind behind Magi's brightly colored 360 collection, the modern and futuristic Chair One Collection and much more.

His work is characterized by careful research into the history of art, design and architecture, and at the same time has a large passion for technology and materials.

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Italian roots

Magi's roots lie in the small Italian town of Motta di Livenza, located in the heart of the Veneto region. It was in this city that the idea and desire to create a place of authentic creativity arose. Today, the company has its new home in the nearby town of Torre di Mosto, where they have been since 2010. All Magi products are produced in Italy, and there is a reason for that. To preserve the local tradition of craftsmanship and meet the most demanding standards with Italian made quality.

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