LYFA, a storied Danish lamp manufacturer, has long been recognized for producing some of the most iconic lighting designs in Denmark. Embracing a design philosophy where form follows function, LYFA prioritizes the quality of light in their products, leading to the creation of revered pieces like VERONA, NINOTCHKA, and MOSAIK. Their relaunch not only reintroduces these elegant Danish designs to the contemporary market but also positions LYFA's new collection as a pioneer in the lighting industry, marrying traditional craftsmanship with innovative design to produce lighting of unparalleled quality.

Popular lamps from LYFA

LYFA's catalog is rich with timeless design classics that have been revived for modern consumers, featuring remarkable lamps like GOVERNOR and PEANUT. A standout piece is the DIVAN 2 pendant, a testament to classic craftsmanship designed by Simon P. Henningsen in 1962, which remains a testament to beautiful design capable of enhancing any living space with its unique shapes and captivating colors. These pieces underscore LYFA's commitment to blending the elegance of past designs with the freshness of modern aesthetics.

The LYFA-2020 collection

In its 2020 collection, LYFA skillfully bridges the gap between tradition and contemporary living, modernizing nine Danish classic designs without compromising their original essence. Updates include replacing plastic elements with sophisticated opalized and colored glass, as seen in ERGO, and upgrading materials in classics like DIVAN 2 to polished stainless steel. These enhancements not only salute the original designs from the mid-20th century but also elevate the craftsmanship and quality of the lamps, ensuring they fit seamlessly into the modern home while retaining their iconic status.