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Lumen Center Italia has dedicated itself to producing extraordinary designs for over 30 years. The company was originally founded in France in 1976 but moved to Milan in 1987 and was purchased by Villa Tosca Design Management in 2000. Today the design house is stronger than ever before - which can be seen, for example, in the popular lamp series "Leaves" and "Iceglobe". Lumen Center Italia is not a large manufacturer that produces millions of models - rather a company where quality is paramount. They achieve this by the designers, engineers, technicians, and craftsmen meeting and developing lamps and light sources from the heart and very imaginatively. At the same time, they are driven by functionality and realistic thoughts.

Unique lamps from Lumen Center Italia

Lumen Center Italia has a unique approach to lamp design, which leads to many different and alternative designs. A lamp that we like very much here at is the particularly beautiful Lumen Center Italia IceGlobe pendant . With its special surface, the lamp looks like a ball of ice and with its many small holes in the surface it gives off a fantastic light. A newly added lamp at Lumen Center Italia is the beautiful "Leaves" Serie . The lamp radiates a special and unique expression with its great branch-like appearance.

Lumen Center Italia's Design

In 1976 Lumen Center Italia started producing lamps. Lumen Center Italia builds on the idea that the design of each individual lamp should be driven by the passion and imagination of the designer. However, it must always relate to functionality. Every Lumen Center Italia product is 100% made in Italy. This means that the whole process of making the prototype, the test phase, and the final production is carried out in Italy. Lumen Center Italia has gone through great development and is now a well-recognized Italian design brand.

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