Lee Broom

Lee Broom, a celebrated young British designer renowned for his luxurious and innovative designs, has made significant contributions to the design world since founding his company in 2007. Developing over 100 varied products, particularly in lighting design, Broom’s work reflects his fashion design background and theatrical influences, often described as both dramatic and historical. His designs have not only clinched him numerous awards but also marked him as one of England's most promising young talents in interior design, showcasing his ability to blend classic elements with modernity.

Popular lamps from Lee Broom

Lee Broom's lighting designs are characterized by magnificence, opulence, and the use of luxurious materials, such as marble, gold, silver, and brass, making them strikingly eye-catching. Notable among his collections are the Eclipse and Chamber Light series, both of which epitomize Broom’s extravagant and fashion-inspired aesthetic. The Eclipse series mesmerizes with its polished, unique designs, while the Chamber Light series, utilizing marble for diffusers, embodies exaggerated decadence, further cementing Broom's reputation for creating design pieces that command attention.

Lee Broom - A rising star

Regarded as a "Rising Star" within the design industry, Lee Broom has successfully collaborated with prestigious brands such as Christian Louboutin, Mulberry, and Bergdorf Goodman since launching his brand. His journey from drama school to a renowned position in the fashion and furniture design sectors highlights his evolution and continuous inspiration drawn from the fashion world. His notable shift from an aspiring actor to a design maven under the mentorship of Vivienne Westwood showcases a diverse creative trajectory, reiterated by The Guardian's comparison of Broom's impact on furniture to that of Marc Jacobs or Tom Ford on fashion. His Decanter series, melding historical carafe designs with contemporary aesthetics, further exemplifies his skill in creating timeless, trendy design pieces.