Hübsch, a Danish company established in 2010 by Flemming Hussak, Jannie Krüger, and Daniel Henriksen, prides itself on delivering exquisite Scandinavian design furniture and home accessories. Emphasizing the concept of happiness, Hübsch crafts products that resonate deeply with quality, unique style, and functionality, encompassing chairs, tables, lighting, and much more. Their notable series, BringMe, showcases portable table lamps suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, featuring an IP44 rating, multiple colors, built-in dimming, and rechargeability. Hübsch's aesthetic consists of a playful mix of materials and colors, focusing on sustainable practices like employing FSC-certified wood since 2020 for environmental consciousness. The founders envisioned not just creating distinctive designs but also fostering a corporate culture centered around joy, aiming to spread this happiness to customers and employees worldwide through their commitment to accessible Danish design.