Globen Lighting

Globen Lighting, a reputable Swedish lighting company established in 1983 by Anders Hall, has made significant contributions to home decor through its diverse and innovatively designed lighting solutions. Renowned for its creativity, innovation, and unique styles, the company prides itself on offering a broad selection of lamps that cater to varied tastes and design preferences. Much of Globen Lighting's distinct product line is crafted by their talented in-house design team, stationed at their headquarters in Svenljunga, which is composed of five skilled designers. Additionally, their collaborative efforts with external designers, who share the company's aesthetic vision, further enrich their offerings. The Ray collection, one of their notable series, epitomizes minimalism and style with its aesthetic lamps featuring dual lampshades that can be arranged in various configurations, embodying versatility and aesthetic appeal suitable for any modern decor. This dedication to minimalism, combined with a strong emphasis on style and functionality, encapsulates Globen Lighting's ethos in creating pieces that not only illuminate spaces but also enhance them. Explore the diverse and beautiful range of lamps offered by Globen Lighting at AndLight.