Globen Lighting is a Swedish lighting company that was founded in 1983 by Anders Hall, and has since helped illuminate various homes with good lighting. A company that is full of creativity, innovation, function, and not least exciting and unique designs. They offer a wide range of beautiful lamps, all of which vary in style and function, so that everyone has a chance to find the right lamp for their home. Their creative and trend-setting product range is mostly designed by their own designers, but also has good collaborations with external designers. Explore Globen Lighting's beautiful range of lamps here at AndLight.

The Ray collection

The Ray collection is a collection of beautiful and aesthetic lamps. A design characterized by minimalism and simplicity. All ray models come with two beautiful lampshades, which can either sit opposite or inside each other, and whatever you choose to do, you will get a beautiful and eye-catching lamp to add to your home. As with Patrick Hall's other designs, Ray is a good combination of minimalism and style, which will adorn any type of decor in the modern home.

Verner Panton Wire

The design team

Almost all of Globen Lighting's lamps are designed by their own in-house design team at their headquarters in Svenljunga, and consist of 5 designers. In addition to that, there is also collaboration with various external designers, who all speak the same design language as Globen Ligting itself. All their designers each have their own way and way of thinking about design, and this is what helps to give Globen Lighting their wide and varied range.

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The story behind

The year is 1972 in Gothenburg, and is the year Anders Hall began his almost accidental start to life as a lamp manufacturer. Anders produced paper plates at this time and at the same time had an uncle who produced cheese plate covers. They got a customer who placed a large order of 5000 pcs. oste-fads covers, but the customer ended up going bankrupt, and Anders had to find a solution to the problem. He therefore drilled a 42 mm hole in the top of the cheese dish lid, glued a fringe band to the bottom and fitted a lighting fitting. A lamp was born, "Stina".

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Globen Lighting